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Tips For Writing For The Google Helpful Content Update

Tips For Writing For The Google Helpful Content Update

Google releases updates every few weeks, but some are bigger than others. Back in September of 2022, they released one of the largest updates they’ve done in a while. This update is called the “Google Helpful Content” update. Here at Functional Medicine SEO, we’ve been taking a look at all of our practitioners’ websites to make sure they haven’t been affected. So far, we have only seen a positive increase in keywords on their sites. 

Here is what you need to know about the update and how to write helpful content for your site. 

What Is The Google Helpful Content Update? 

The Google helpful content update targets content that is written for people rather than search engines. In other words, it’s flagging pages to ensure that what the users see is relevant and unique to their search. If you have found yourself having several pages flagged, rest assured that Functional Medicine SEO can help! Specializing in many website services, we stay up to date on all new updates to ensure your website is ranking.

Tips For Writing Google Helpful Content

With this new update, you will want to prioritize your readers when writing new content. Write to answer their questions rather than adding fluff. You will want to write from experience; avoid writing about what’s trending if it has nothing to do with you. To ensure your content aligns with the new update, you will want to avoid making any false claims. 

To avoid being affected by the update, you can add valuable content to your writing, such as facts from the news or research articles. Lastly, you should really focus on your niche and what you specialize in. Dig deeper into content that you are well-versed in and create content on what you actually know about. 

Tips On How To Write Relevant Content For The Update

A strong start to getting accustomed to this update would be to delete unhelpful content. Starting from scratch may be seen as frustrating but it gives you a chance to put out improved information. A chance to analyze your niche and really dig deep on the information provided. 

Another tip would be to focus on your niche. When your content is too general or has too many keywords google will flag it as unhelpful. Another great tip would be to add value to your content. Find useful information that answers the users’ questions based on facts and research. 

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