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5 Reasons Why Your Functional Medicine Practice Needs Content Marketing

content marketing

Content marketing is defined as marketing based on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a target audience online. Content Marketing can be done in blogs, videos, or printed materials. There are so many ways that small business owners seem to forget. The real question is, is it important? Is it effective? With so many marketing schemes being thrown at you, it is often hard to decide what to spend your time, money, and efforts on. We will discuss a few reasons why content marketing can help your functional medicine practice and why you should look into it.

Big Bang for Little Buck

Content Marketing is cheaper than most marketing forms and can produce great results. It does not matter if you plan on doing the marketing or outsourcing it; the investment will be worth the outcome. A fun fact is that content marketing typically runs a business 62% less than traditional marketing while generating three times the leads. Wow! For a small business such as your practice, this makes content marketing budget-friendly.

Promote Without Over Selling Yourself

If you have clients following your social media accounts, subscribing to your blog or email lists, then they want to know more about the products you offer and how they can help them. However, this is not what their life revolves around. Teach your clients about some of the conditions you treat without telling them they have to come to see you. This is a way of promoting yourself without pushing your services down their throat.

Nurture Your Clients

Nurturing your clients is crucial to your functional medicine business’s success. These tactics directly impact your clients’ decision on whether or not they want to continue a relationship with your office. There are several ways to nurture leads that can include targeted content, multi-channel nurturing, timely follow-ups, and more. Being there for your client every step of the way on their health journey is essential. 

Solidify Your Brand 

Your primary goal is to get your clients and future clients to think of you first when they need something your office provides. Your brand represents all the critical things in your functional medicine office, including your values, perspective, and how you help others. What is your brand saying? Can people associate your brand with your logo?

Getting your brand known is a huge step. You want people to recognize your office and associate it with your services. Do everything you can to solidify your brand. This is critical to success. Give your clients the chance to get to know you and your business. This will help get you more new patients and keep loyal patients.

Keep Website Fresh

Keeping your website fresh and updated is vital to clients. Listing the services you offer is a great place to start. Introducing your staff and updating when you get new team members is one way. Posting new blogs regularly also helps. The topics can be about services you provide or just general topics to keep your clients engaged. Have a place they can contact you on the website and schedule appointments. An updated website goes a long way with your future clients.

Every business, including your functional medicine business, can benefit from more website traffic. These are all reasons you should look into content marketing. It helps your business grow without costing you all your revenue. 

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