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Why Do You Write Guest Posts As Part Of Your SEO Plan?

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If you work with an SEO agency, you’ll likely hear them talk about backlinks. Why? Because it is a core strategy to help your website rank higher in search results. A backlink is any time that someone links back to your website. Here at Functional Medicine SEO, one of our backlink strategies is to write guest posts as part of our plan. 

Here’s why we write guest posts as part of our SEO strategy:

1. Legitimate Way To Link To Your Site

At one time, if shady websites linked back to you or linked back deceptively, it would actually hurt your site. Google has made many improvements in figuring out which sites are not legitimate and which ones are. While a shady site no longer hurts your website, it won’t help either. 

When we write guest posts and link back to your site as a resource, this brings legitimacy to the link. Also, we only post on sites that we know are not spam or have spam links within them. The places we post on will help your Google search rankings by bringing authority to the pages of your site.

2. Allows Us To Link To More Than One Page

Since we’re publishing guest posts with valuable information and linking back to your site, we can usually add two pages to the post in a relevant way. Guest posts make it easy for us to write the information so that we can use two pages from your site as a resource. While your site needs to be linked to different domains every month, multiple links back to your site from the same domain can achieve this effect. 

3. Offers Link Variety

Getting the same type of link over and over can help your site rank, but the best link-building strategy is one that offers link variety. We do citations and directory listings as one form of backlinks. To bring variety to the types of links you get, we write guest posts and publish them on various sites. Some of the sites are blogs, and others are websites that offer PDF versions of the content. 

The reason variety is essential is that a legitimate website will have different types of sites linking to them naturally. It makes sense to Google if your site is getting a variety of backlinks for that reason. 

4. Provides Referral Traffic

Since we publish guest posts on legitimate blog sites, your website can receive referral traffic from the links. People who come to your site can click the link and go to your site. Even if they don’t become a patient, clicking the links over to your website can increase the number of visitors your site receives and impact the amount of time someone stays on the site. Your bounce rate is a ranking factor for SEO, so the lower the bounce rate, the better.  

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