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Why Do You Charge More Than My SEO Company?

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When we speak with practitioners about the price of our services, we sometimes get the question, “Why do you charge more than my SEO company?” There are a lot of factors that go into the price you pay for SEO services, but it usually all comes down to the amount of work that a company puts into your site. 

Companies that charge between $100-and $200 a month usually only focus on building backlinks to your website. Backlinking is an integral part of any SEO strategy, but we find that the most effective strategies include more than that. Our monthly packages start at $550 because our method provides content writing, on-page optimization, new keyword research every month, GMB SEO, etc. 

Here’s a look at the tops things we focus on with our monthly services:

Keyword Strategy Per Page Basis

Some companies will focus their efforts on a handful of keywords they want your site to rank for. Our strategy is different from this. We want to give your site every opportunity to rank for as many relevant keywords as possible. We evaluate the pages on your site and do specific keyword research for each page. The longer you stay with us, the more keyword research we will do and the more keywords your site can show up for. 

New Content To Target Keywords

Publishing new content on your website is essential to getting your site to show up for more terms. The most effective content is planned out to include the keywords that are specific to the treatments you offer in the area around your office. Even if you are 100% telemedicine, writing new pages specific to your areas of specialty and the services you offer will give you a better chance of bringing in new patient leads. 


Ever since the pandemic, Google My Business (GMB) has been rewarding businesses that keep their listing up to date. Since so many companies had to shut down, change their hours, close their lobbies, offer online services, etc. GMB listings became essential to consumers. While we always focused some of our time on our client’s listings, since 2019, we’ve created a particular strategy to help our clients’ listings show up higher in search results.

As part of our packages that start at $550 a month, we make managing this listing part of our focus. However, some of our clients want most of our focus on their GMB or even all of it. In these cases, we have GMB only SEO packages that can be added on or used as a stand-alone service starting at $325 a month. 

Customized Strategy Per Office

Our goal is to make sure you show up for the treatments you want to beef up in your office. We have a kick-off call with all of our new clients to figure out what areas of their practice or services they want to see more leads for. Then, we put together a customized SEO strategy to reach that goal. At Functional Medicine SEO, we do not take a cookie-cutter approach to keyword research. 

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