What’s Involved In Your SEO Process?

seo process

When we meet with practitioners about our SEO services, they all want to know what’s involved in our SEO process. If you ask any SEO company this question, you will get different answers. Why? Because Google won’t come right out and say everything that you need to do in order to get a site to rank. That means a lot of testing has to go into coming up with an effective strategy and each company will come up with their own process. 

Here at Functional Medicine SEO, we have found that focusing on four main areas (new content, on-page optimization, backlinks, and GMB) is what brings our clients the best increase of traffic. 

This is a look at our core strategies for each of these areas: 

1. New Content For Your Functional Medicine Website

Writing new content for our clients’ websites is one of the things that actually make us stand apart from other SEO companies. Many companies shy away from writing content because writing for another industry is challenging. However, we have highly experienced SEO copywriters that write all of the content we place on our clients’ sites. 

Not only are our copywriters experienced, but all of them have also written for functional medicine doctors, holistic healthcare practitioners, medspas, and other businesses that are in the health and wellness space. Our writers personally use natural health practices in their own lives and with their families. That’s why we feel comfortable writing for our clients. 

The Type of Content We Write Under Our SEO Plan

As part of our SEO services, we will either write local pages, treatment or service pages, symptoms or diagnosis pages. Here is a breakdown of each kind of page we write: 

  • Local pages – these pages are designed to have content around the treatment, services, or symptoms that you specialize in the local areas you are near. Even if you offer telemedicine services, we can write pages for any state or large city you want to target.
  • Treatment or services pages – it’s important to have a specific page of content for every treatment or service you offer. If you have a single page on your website that has information about all of the services you offer, the page will likely only rank for one or two of those services. Having individual service pages increases your chances of showing up for those services. 
  • Symptoms pages – writing a page for every symptom you treat helps you show up for ailments someone may be searching for. They may not know what type of treatment they need or what they are dealing with. 
  • Diagnosis pages – these are pages that have the specific name of the disease or health concern a patient is dealing with. This is helpful for people that have been given a diagnosis and looking for alternative treatment options. 

Each month, we write 2 new pages of content based on your specific website and the strategy we put in place. 

How Do You Write Blog Content?

We also offer blog content for our practitioners, but the process is a bit different than the other types of pages we write. Since the blogs will be published in the doctor’s name, it’s important that the information come from the doctor themselves. 

Our blog writing services are more involved and require the doctor to provide us with guidance through resources or transcripts. We will write a blog with SEO best practices and send it to the practitioner to review, edit, and send back to us to publish on their website.

2. On-Page Optimizations

On-page optimization is the term we use to refer to the changes we make on your website. These types of optimizations can include adding specific scripts, schema, or codes to your site to help Google better understand what you do. It can also refer to optimizing your site for better speeds, adding keywords to existing pages, updating the meta or SEO titles on the site, and more. 

When we first start working with a new client, we run the site through a few different auditing tools and create a strategy from there. We put together a list of top priorities of on-page optimizations that need to be addressed first and work on those each month a client stays on with our services. 

3. Backlinks To Your Website

What are backlinks? A backlink is any time another website links back to your site. For example, if you have a social media account and link to your home page, that’s considered a backlink. Other types of backlinks you can get include listings, citations, guest posts, blog comments on other people’s websites, and social media shares. 

Most SEO companies focus on backlinking to your website as their main strategy. In our experience, backlinking is most effective when combined with writing new content and ongoing on-page optimizations. 

Each month, we work on getting different types of backlinks to your website to help Google recognize your site as an authority. Another thing that sets us apart from other companies is that we will show you where we got the backlinks for your site each month. You will be able to click the link and see where we linked back to your website. 

4. Google My Business (GMB) Optimization

We like to think of GMB as your second website. You may not be familiar with GMB by name, but you’ve most certainly interacted with it before. Anytime you do a search for a restaurant, store, or anything near you, you will see three local businesses show up at the top of the search results. It looks like this: 

gmb listing

These are Google My Business listings for local functional medicine doctors in the DFW area. When someone clicks on this listing, they have the option to call you directly. Or they can get directions to your location or visit your website. There are things we can do each month to help your office to show up higher in these listings. 

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