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What is Looker Studio Used For?

What is Looker Studio

Optimizing SEO and increasing online visibility is essential for any functional medicine practice. There are many resources and tools that help you navigate your business logistics and make your website more appealing for any reader. Here is everything you need to know about Looker Studio and how it can help your functional medicine practice. 

What Is Looker Studio?

Looker Studio is a free online Google tool that offers several ways to optimize any business practice. Whether you need help organizing data, branding reports, creating visual art, or project collaboration, this tool helps you do it. This platform lets you collect any data so you clearly visualize it and make edits as needed. Looker Studio may help if you need a way to visualize the data for your medical practice.  

What Is Looker Studio Used For?

If you’re already familiar with cloud-based business intelligence tools, then you won’t feel overwhelmed by the features of Looker Studio. As another part of the Google platform, this resource allows anyone in your medical practice to view or analyze data insights. This is helpful because having your data insights and tools in one location can help you maintain better organization for your practice. 

Analyzing website reports, tracking views, and other website logistics is time-consuming. Looker Studio can help collect your data in one place to save you more time to spend with your patients.

Using Looker Studio For Your Functional Medicine Website

Using Looker Studio for your functional medicine website offers many benefits. Here’s a look at why you should use this resource for your practice.

All-In-One Tool

If you feel overwhelmed using several online website tools, Looker Studio handles that for you. It allows you to pool your data sources from Google Sheets, Google Analytics, and other sources and customize them. Rather than using just one of the above sources to track your insights, Looker Studio uses sources you want to give you a broader experience. 


Working in a team is easy with this free online tool. You can quickly share insights, data, charts, graphs, reports, and more with anyone you want. This is a helpful tool if you’re preparing a large presentation, medical reports, or simply scheduling emails. 

Importance Of Tracking Insights

The all-in-one features of Looker Studio can help you understand how to help your patients and reach your target audience. Customizing your data allows you to understand current trends affecting your practice and how you can make adjustments. If you interact with or run campaigns on social media platforms, you can collect the data and use it to adjust your branding or deepen connections. 

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