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What Are Areas Served Pages And How Do They Help My SEO?

Areas Served Pages

One of the best ways to help the SEO on your website is to write new content and publish it on your site. Here at Functional Medicine SEO, areas served pages are one of the types of content that we write for our clients. Here is what you need to know about this page type and how it helps you. 

What is An Areas Served Page?

Whether you are an office that can only see patients in your local area or not, areas served pages are designed to target the people that live near your office. These pages act as landing pages for potential patients looking for specific types of treatments, clinics, or doctors in their area.  

Areas served page features content specific to a single condition, treatment option, or service and the particular city you want to show up in for that key term. To come up with the area served pages for our clients, we ask them: 

  • What are the top treatments or phrases you want to rank for? 
  • Which cities near your office are potential patients willing to drive from?

We put together a content strategy to write areas served pages to help them with their main objects based on this information. 

Examples of Areas Served Pages

These pages can be hard to explain but much easier to understand if you see a few examples of these types of pages. See the pages below for examples that we have written for our clients:

As you can see from these examples, we target a specific keyword in a city and write content that supports it. 

How Do Areas Served Pages Help Your SEO?

The way areas served page helps your SEO is it allows us to target longtail keywords on your site. For example, the longtail keyword could be functional medicine doctor in Dallas, TX, or thyroid treatment near me in DFW. Both of those are longtail keywords that can bring hot leads. People searching for those specific terms in their area are looking for a doctor to help them. 

When we write a page with a longtail keyword like this, we make that the URL, the H1 on the page, and add the term into the content in a few places. Also, we add this term as the alt image tag on the picture that we put on the page. Those factors help the page show up in search results for those terms. 

Other Ways Areas Served Pages Help

In addition to giving Google a page on your site for an exact-match phrase, areas served pages help the overall keyword cloud on your site. You can use this free SEO site checkup to see the keyword cloud for your website. 

The keyword cloud checker will show you which words on your site are predominant. If you don’t see the most important terms for your office showing up on that cloud, then you will know you need more content around those terms. When we write areas served pages, this allows that keyword cloud to change. 

When search engines come across your site, they analyze these keyword clouds to understand what the site is about. Essentially, search engines take a holistic approach to your site, just like you do with your health care approach. You want to make sure that the keyword cloud on your site accurately represents what you offer. 

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