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Website Checklist For Alternative Medicine Practices

website checklist

Developing a website that will convert potential readers into patients requires intentional set-up. One thing we offer to everyone is a free video walk-through of your website to point out areas that are doing well and places you can tighten up. When our experts at Functional Medicine SEO review alternative medicine sites, we often see areas that can be improved. 

We use this checklist to go over a practitioner’s websites to make sure they are set-up well and ready for SEO. 

1. Alternative Medicine Service Pages 

Every service that you offer to patients needs its own service page. We write content as part of our SEO services in order to target these keywords. For example, if you offer IV treatments, chiropractic adjustments, or gut health therapies, you will write a page for each one.

These pages should cover this basic information: 

  • What condition you treat
  • Modalities you use to treat the condition
  • Your philosophy of medicine 
  • Local areas your office services 
  • How someone can contact you

We suggest that all service pages be 300-500 words. Make sure you use the keyword in the first paragraph and one other time in the content. 

2. Call to Action Button

A call to action button should be on the homepage of your website. Some sites have this in a sticky header. That means that as someone scrolls through the site, the header stays in place so they can click to call or contact the practice at any time. 

3. Contact Form and a Way to Track Submissions

Some patients prefer to fill out a contact form and ask the office to call them back. Or, if you offer a free health assessment, you can create a form for that. Make sure your form is working by testing it out. Also, we set-up a thank you page that displays after someone fills out the form so we can add a tracking code to that page. 

This shows you how many people have filled out your form. It’s important to have this information for two reasons: 

  1. It shows you if your form is effective. 
  2. Prompts you to check on submissions to make sure they haven’t fallen through the cracks at the front desk. 

4. Call Tracking

Having a way to track your calls helps you in several ways. For one, it shows you how many people are finding you through your website. Also, you have the option of recording the calls. It’s important to listen to the calls coming from your site, because these are usually new patients. This will allow you to hear how your staff is handling this type of interaction and whether they need further training to convert patients.

5. Google Analytics

Google analytics is free and requires you to put a code in the header of your site. This code will track data such as: 

  • User demographics
  • Number of total people that has visited your site
  • Organic traffic stats
  • Referral traffic sources
  • How many clicks each page on your site received
  • The amount of time a user stays on the site
  • And more…

We use the analytics to compare how the site was doing before we started our SEO efforts and how much it has grown over the course of time. 

6. Google Search Console

We hook all websites that we manage into the Google Search Console. It is a free service that provides us information on keywords and general site health. The search console will show you which search terms are bringing traffic to specific pages on your website. We use this information for our keyword research and to beef up the pages that are doing well. 

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How many of these can you mark off on the checklist? If you need help optimizing your website, get in touch with the team at Functional Medicine SEO. We’re happy to offer you a free strategy session so you can see if we are the right team for you. Contact us now and one of our experts will get back to you right away. 


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