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Training For New Functional Medicine Staff and Front Desk Team Members

Hiring new team members can be a daunting task, especially in the functional medicine field. You will need a rigorous vetting process to ensure your candidates are right for the job. But your work doesn’t end there. It’s also your responsibility to train these new hires, making sure they’re ready for the job. Here are some tips for when it’s time to train new team members. 

Make Their Role Clear

Ideally, this will be part of the interview and hiring process. Before a new team member can provide a positive contribution to your practice, they need to know what exactly is being asked of them. This is so important that it should be at the top of your priority list when hiring new members. 

By establishing a newcomer’s role immediately, there is no confusion and they can go into the training process knowing exactly how and where they are expected to contribute. It also helps the trainer. They can specialize the training around the specific role of the newcomer. 

First Day Orientation

From cashiers to functional medicine practitioners, the first day on the job is almost always met with a first-day orientation. This is an incredibly important part of the training process. Don’t cut corners on the orientation in an effort to save time or resources; this is a very important step. 

First-day orientation will give the new hires a feel of the company and more importantly, how they’re expected to handle themselves. Think of it as the first impression your new hire is getting of your practice. If they know right away what is expected out of them and the goal of your practice, they can contribute more. 

Don’t Skip Out on Secondary Functions

We know we made it a priority to make the primary role known from the start. While this is very important, it’s also important that you don’t completely skip out on the secondary functions. It’s important that your new employee is good at their main function, but versatility in the workplace is one of the most important attributes. 

During the training process, make sure you touch up on the secondary functions the new team member may find themselves completing. Even if the chances are slim they ever even perform this function, it’s important that they understand how to accomplish this. This means that you will have less specialized workers on your roster and more versatile workers who can help in several different facets. 

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