How Does Copywriting Help With SEO on Your Holistic Health Website?

As a holistic practice, you have the opportunity to help patients that have chronic illnesses get the relief they are looking for. Now that holistic healthcare is becoming sought after even more, you need a website that will bring potential patients. Here at Functional Medicine SEO, we help practitioners increase their organic traffic in many ways, but one of the top ways we help is by writing new content for the site every month.

There’s a difference between writing and SEO copywriting. In order to position your content creation for SEO, there are certain formats you need to stick with. Otherwise, if your content isn’t well organized or it’s clunky, it won’t help your rankings. 

What is SEO Copywriting?

The first step in this process is to understand what copywriting SEO actually is. You aren’t going to get very far if you do not have a clear understanding of this meaning. SEO stands for search engine optimization and during this process, you are figuring out the keywords that you need to use throughout your content. These words are going to help you show up on google more and relate to more people. 

There is a fine line that you have to stick to when doing this step though. If you just add in the keyword throughout every sentence and every paragraph, you aren’t going to sound generic and real. You are going to sound more like a computer entered your words. 

Why Do Keywords Help Your Site?

These keywords are the ones that Google is going to recognize that go along with your articles and pages. It is going to ping these words when someone types in a search that they are looking for. It is the way that you are going to gain more visibility to readers.

When you are placing your keywords there are some ways that you can help to ensure that you are optimizing the content that you are writing. If you follow these steps you should have no trouble.

  • Keep your keyword density right
  • Have a Title and Meta Description
  • Have links attached to follow
  • Make your article, blog, or post easy to read
  • Always have a straight to the point call to action at the end

How Can Copywriting Help Functional Medicine Websites?

The internet is one of the most used areas nowadays to find things that you are looking for. Whether you are searching for a traditional medicine doctor, functional medicine, restaurants to eat at, or anything else, the keywords that you use are what bring people to your site. When you use the right phrases, Google will show your website in the search results. 

SEO Copywriting Best Practices

One thing that is going to benefit you when adding in keywords is to understand that you can’t just “overstuff” the words in the content. Google actually does not like it when this happens. The words have to be spaced out and placed naturally throughout your content. This means you need to spread out key phrases in your headers, titles, introductory paragraphs, closing paragraphs, and so on. 

It’s not just the main keyword you need to add to your content, but there are other related terms (LSI keywords) that should be added to the page as well. These are words that can coincide with the keyword to give the same effect. Doing the same things as you do with the keywords and not overstuffing them, but placing them throughout the whole article. 

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