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Using Proper Search Terms To Build An Effective SEO Strategy

Using Proper Search Terms To Build An Effective SEO Strategy

When a patient goes online in search of solutions for health issues, pain management, or symptom identification, they want answers as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, many of those answers do not come quickly because many functional medicine doctors do not know how to utilize the best SEO methods for ensuring prospective patients find them. No worries, SEO agencies such as Functional Medicine SEO can help you with creating content that uses keyword optimization and assists patients with finding you sooner! 

Most Common Search Terms

Oftentimes, the most useful general search terms are right in front of your nose and already present within your website’s content. Some great search terms can be found in your practice’s top five or ten services or conditions. Other beneficial search terms can be included in a patient’s words and phrases used to explain their symptoms during their first appointment. These phrases might include trouble sleeping, back pain, food allergies, and more. 

In addition to what you may find on your own, here are five of the most common issues or symptoms that functional medicine patients are eager to find solutions for:


  • Headaches
  • Chronic pain
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep & Insomnia
  • Weight issues

By providing prospective functional medicine patients with the right keywords necessary for finding your practice and services quickly, you will be effectively placing your knowledge and services in their path at the most opportune time. 

Identify Your Sites Popular Pages And Topics 

By better understanding which topics and pages create the most traffic for your website, you can prioritize those pages when updating content, as well as identify what keywords would be most beneficial to use. Both Google Search Console and Google Analytics are helpful for measuring pageviews. 

Google Analytics is more user-oriented, providing data on the visitors to your functional medicine website, as well as how they interact with it. Google Search Console is primarily search-engine focused and provides users with tools and insights that can improve your site’s search visibility. And while both provide valuable insights on their own, together these two tools create a powerful duo for search engine optimization and personal website data and information. After all, two heads are better than one. 

Creating Landing Pages For Popular Services

Once you have identified the proper search terms that can help build an effective SEO strategy for your website, you will want to begin constructing web pages for those topics. Revisiting your key services or the top symptoms that you support is a beneficial method for determining what topics should be on their own pages. 

If chronic pain is one of your site’s top search terms and an issue that a majority of your patients come to you for, then it would make sense to create a page that is dedicated to that subject. In addition to SEO benefits, prospective patients will find your website easier to navigate, as well as locate what they are searching for when there are pages dedicated to specific topics. 

Contact Us For More SEO Assistance

No matter the size of your practice, your SEO strategy and the content that you provide your patients are vital for creating a deeper experience for your site’s visitors and a stronger web presence overall. If you would like to begin improving your website, content creation, or assistance from our SEO services, contact us today. We would be happy to answer any questions that you have. Contact us now.

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