Follow Up Sales Process For Potential Patients

potential patients

Following up with potential patients will never happen if you don’t have a system in place. Maybe you have patient management software that will allow you to generate reports for patients that have broken appointments or unscheduled treatment…but do you have a way to follow up with people who call on the phone and don’t appoint that day? 

Plenty of potential patients are going to call and ask you the standard questions, “Do you take my insurance?” or “What conditions do you treat?”. But, not all of them are going to feel ready to schedule with your office right away. Those potential patients need to be followed up with a few days later. 

Here are the top tips for putting a follow-up sales process in place for potential patients: 

Decide How to Capture The Information

It’s important that you teach your front desk or whoever is answering the phone how to handle it when someone calls and doesn’t schedule with you. Maybe they should create a spreadsheet where they can put the caller’s name and phone number and notes so someone can reach out later. Or, you may want to create a patient profile for them if your system allows it without asking for a birthday or other pertinent information. 

Whatever system you put in place should be something your front desk can do easily and stay consistent with. Otherwise, this information will fall by the wayside. 

Record Calls and Form Submissions

There are so many things that are happening at the front desk that can make it hard for them to get a caller’s name and information to call back. That’s why it is important to record the organic calls that are coming into the office. Here at Functional Medicine SEO, we put call tracking on our client’s websites so that they can follow-up with all organic calls to see what happened with them. 

We use a system called Callrail to capture this information. It has the ability to record the calls so you are able to go back and listen later on. Of course, you need to know the laws in your state before recording calls. In addition, to call tracking, you can have all contact forms or free consult forms emailed to whoever you want to manage these leads. 

Make it Someone’s Job to Follow-up With Leads

It should be someone’s job to follow-up with the potential patients that call your office or submit a form request. Otherwise, it will fall by the wayside and those potential patients will either forgo treatment altogether or go to another office. 

We recommend that you follow up with potential patient leads the same day they come in through form submissions. If the caller asks questions and they aren’t ready to schedule, call them back in 2 days to follow up. Until you reach a decision-maker and get a no, they should stay on the list for following up. 

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