Tips On How to Handle New Patient Phone Calls

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The communication that you have with patients when they call in is very important. Your receptionist is going to portray how your business treats the patients. Answering the phones is a very vital part of your business. Functional Medicine SEO has put together this article to give your tips on how to handle new patient phone calls. 

Important Tips For The Front Desk

The staff that you hire to answer the phones need to be trained. You never want to put an untrained person on the phone for your business. The ability to portray the right attitude and knowledge to speak with potential patients is vital for your business. 

The tone that your receptionist portrays to potential patients needs to be professional. Not moody, disrespectful, or rude. Everyone has bad days and gets overwhelmed. But, they still need to have the ability to be professional while answering the phones. Here are some tips on things to keep in mind as a receptionist in a functional medicine practice. 

Don’t Ignore Phone Calls

Things get busy and overwhelming at times as a receptionist. You may have someone standing in front of you checking in for an appointment, Another off the side asking questions. In the midst of all this happening, the phone may begin to ring. 

One of the worst things that you can do is to ignore it. There are options that you have to help with these types of situations. An answering service can help with the overflow of phone calls. These individuals trained to speak with your patients briefly and make appointments. That way they don’t get forgotten about or look for other options for places to get care. 

All Front Desk Staff Should Be Trained

Communicating with the public can be hard sometimes. Especially, when you work in the healthcare industry. When people are calling into your office, many times they aren’t feeling well or are in pain. The professional attention that you show them can play a huge role in them coming to your office.

All staff members that answer the phone need to be properly trained about what to say and what not to say. The tone of voice that you use and the attitude that you portray has to be professional. If patients feel that you have been rude or uninformative, they may turn away from your practice. 

Get All The Information

There are times that people will call in to only receive information about your practice. Functional medicine is not something that everyone has experienced before. Front desk staff need to be educated on the proper ways to explain what it is you do and what to expect when you arrive.

When people feel more informed and prepared it can ease their minds about coming in. The front desk staff needs to have good training and preparations to handle communication with potential patients. Without face-to-face speaking, you are relying on your ability to respectfully explain information over the phone. This can be hard sometimes, so only allow someone who has the ability to do this to answer your phones.

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