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What Should Be In The Menu Of Your Website

What Should Be In The Menu Of Your Website

Every website has a menu, but not all menus are equal. Your website’s menu is key to the success of your website, as well as your practice, since the menu is what visitors will use to shop your products or services. This is why the creation and planning of your navigational menu is key. 

Include A Call To Action In Your Header

Most visitors to a website that provides online services are ready to reach out and are looking for a way to contact you. This is why having a call to action in your header is so important. The contact button should also be made more visually prominent by using a contracting or eye-catching color that helps it to stand out immediately to your site’s visitors. 

Menu Names That Make Sense

Creating menu names doesn’t mean that you list things like “products” or “services” for your site’s visitors. These are vague and just require the visitor to click even more which, honestly, may motivate them to look elsewhere. Making sure your menu names make sense is also beneficial for search engines which means it will better your ranking online, too. So, be specific and be intentional. 

Fewer Items In Your Menu

The more cluttered and lengthy your navigation is for your site’s visitors, the less likely they are to either find what they are really searching for, as well as stick around. So, if you must include more than 7 or 8 items in your menu, consider breaking them up into groups so that it is easier for the visitor to see what each group presents. This way they can better locate that which they came to your site for in the first place. 

This also gives your homepage more authority in terms of search engines. By having fewer items and links that take away from the homepage, it will increase the chances of your website’s interior pages ranking higher. 


The Menu Order Of Your Website

The items at the beginning and the end of your website’s navigation are most important since they are both more easily remembered by the visitors to your site. This is why you should always reserve these areas for the most popular items or those items that are most important to the promotion or success of your business. 

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