Mastering Local SEO for Functional Medicine Practices: Increase Your Visibility in Your Community

Mastering Local SEO for Functional Medicine Practices: Increase Your Visibility in Your Community

If you have a functional medicine practice and want to increase visibility in your local community, mastering local SEO is essential. You can attract new patients and create stronger relationships with your current ones. Here are a few steps to help you master local SEO for your practice. 

Register With Online Directory Listings

Whether you’re a new practice or an established clinic, keeping current directory listings is essential for local visibility. Adding your functional medicine practice to online directory listings will help you rank higher in the search engines and help potential patients view your information. You can include your phone number, address, and location. Just make sure the information is accurate because the smallest typo can hide your practice in the search results. 

Market Location Pages

If you have multiple locations for your practice, you can increase your local visibility by marketing location pages. You can embed a Google Map on each specific location page, which helps your practice rank higher with Google. Another step is to name your business and each location in each URL. 

Establish Google Business Profile

If you haven’t claimed your Google Business listing, make this your next important step to increase rankings. This is a free service and can help you optimize your practice. Once you register and verify your business, Google will send you a unique verification code, allowing you to optimize your local SEO.

A Google Business Profile can increase online visibility when you add these items to your listing:

  • Hours of operation
  • Address and phone number
  • Patient reviews
  • Unique description of your practice
  • brand/logo
  • Photos of your business

These steps are essential to help local residents find your business and increase your authority online and locally. This is a great way to personalize your practice as this is often someone’s first impression of your practice. 

Optimize Local Keywords

If you’re familiar with SEO, chances are you’ve heard a lot about keywords. Although SEO algorithms are always changing, the importance of keywords stays constant. Using local keywords within your content is essential to increase local visibility. 

Include the name of practice’s city and state early in your content. You can add this to your titles, content headers, landing pages, and URLs. If you use any images, you can also add the location to the image ALT attribute. 

Focus on Quality Content

Quality content truly is king when it comes to mastering local SEO and reaching your local community. Consistently sharing valuable information with your target audience can improve your SEO and increase your online rankings. When you’re planning your content, research keywords relating to current topics or questions people are searching for online. This will help you craft valuable information for readers and help your practice rank higher. 

Let Us Help With Local SEO

Do you need help to increase your local visibility? We invite you to contact Functional Medicine SEO today to schedule a free strategy session. We will offer some helpful tips on how to reach more local patients for your practice.  We look forward to working with you.