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What Marketing Services Do You Offer To Doctors and Practitioners?

What Marketing Services Do You Offer To Doctors and Practitioners?

Here at Functional Medicine SEO, we work with doctors and practitioners by providing them with the tools they need to be found through online search. Our team consists of web developers, SEO experts, Google ads partners, and trained copywriters. Here is a look at the services we offer to our clients. 

Website Development and Management

Whether you have a site you love, one that needs updating, or not site at all, our web development team can support your site. We offer these web services:

Website Build

If you haven’t had your site rebuilt in the past 3-5 years, your site is likely out of date and possibly in need of being rebuilt. Even if you like the overall design of your site, eventually the programs your site was built on will become too far out of date to run properly with new web technology. 

Our web development team knows how to build a Wordpress website that will run fast, be functional, and have the custom features needed to represent your office.


Every site needs hosting. It’s like a parking spot for your website. Not all hosting providers are created equal. Depending on your host, you may have poor loading speeds, no SSL certificate, or malware scans and removal. When you host your site with us, we will provide you with all of the necessary hosting services you need to keep your site up and running. 


Each week your site has plugin and theme updates that need to be made. This process is similar to updating your cell phone apps, the only difference is that updating your website plugins and theme can actually break the site. We offer safe updates so if we run and update and it breaks something on the site, we can restore and figure out what’s causing the issues. 

Fixes And Updates

Whether you need a few images updated, have broken links, or something that is not working correctly, our developers can make the updates. We offer once off projects and hourly rate web development work so you can get the tasks done on your site that you need.

Google Ads

Google ads are a great way to drive traffic to your site right away. It can take 4-6 weeks before your ads start generating relevant calls and form submissions. Our ads team are Google ads partners and we know how to navigate the difficult parts of building health related campaigns. Not all services our functional medicine doctors and health care practitioners offer can be promoted. We know how to create campaigns that stay within Google’s guidelines and come up with strategies to make your campaigns work.

SEO Services

Monthly SEO is essential if you want to show up for searches in your area. Every SEO agency has a different approach to their strategy. Our core approach involves on-page optimization, new content, backlinks, and interacting with your GMB listing. Here is a look at our different strategies:


Backlinks are when another website links back to any page on your site. Google sees backlinks as like votes for your site. The more backlinks you have, the more Google trusts your site. As  part of our monthly SEO package, we will work on getting new backlinks to your website. 

Many SEO agencies do this as part of their SEO plan, but it’s important that you see the links they are getting for you. Not all links are created equal. Meanwhile Google no longer penalizes a site for spammy backlinks, it won’t help your site either. All links we build are on trusted sites.

On-page Optimization

Every page on your site is reviewed and optimized. We do this by determining the best keywords it can rank for and adding in those terms and related keywords to the existing text. Also, we write a custom meta description and SEO title to help Google and potential patients understand the page content. 

GMB Management

Your Google My Business listing is like your second website. It has the ability to show up faster and higher than your site itself because of the way Google displays the map pack. Each month, we work on your listing to help it rank for relevant searches for the services you provide.


Well written content that follows proper HTML formatting and othe SEO copywriting best practices is the key to getting your site to show up in search results. Our trained copywriters have been writing about functional medicine, alternative medicine, integrative medicine, holistic health, and more for years. All of our writers use preventative health protocols in their own lives and have a real interest in the services you provide to your patients.

Areas Served Pages

As part of our SEO plan, we write areas served pages every month. These pages focus on the treatment you offer in the city you serve. We will write a page for every treatment you offer in all cities your patients live. This is a highly effective strategy to get your office to show up in search results for specific keyword searches.

Service Pages

Every treatment you offer or symptoms you address in your clinic should have a page. We write service pages for the things you offer in your office. So you have a better chance of showing up in search results for terms associated with those treatments and symptoms. 


Writing informational blogs with real value will help your site show up in search results. For both global traffic, but also local traffic. Our copywriters can provide a good base blog post for you to review and edit to make your own. We write research based content that is in line with your approach.

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