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Tips For Managing The Team in Your Alternative Medicine Practice

As an alternative medicine practitioner, you have many roles in your office. In addition to being the provider for your patients, you are the business owner and leader of your team. Whether you have brought on new staff recently or been working with the same people for years, being a leader for them is important. 

Here are tips for managing your team no matter how large or small: 

1. Step in and Be a Leader For Your Team

You are an example for the staff in your office. It’s really easy to get so busy with treating patients that you fail to lead your team. If you are simply not available to do this for the staff, then you need a good office manager in place that will take the initiative to do this for you. 

Either you or your office manager should always be looking around for solutions to the problems in your office. First, this requires you to slow down long enough to recognize the problems in the office. There is no way to address them if you aren’t aware of what needs to be changed. 

2. Create Solutions For Your Practice

As the practitioner, you can’t wait to be told what needs to be done. You have to take initiative and find out what the staff is struggling with. Here are a few top areas to check in on: 

  1. Scheduling – is the front desk scheduling you in such a way that there is a good flow in the office? 
  2. New patient intake – do you have a process for this and is it being followed? 
  3. Patient experience – are you focusing on good customer experience from start to finish? 
  4. New patient leads – is there a follow-up process for people that call and don’t schedule?

It’s easy to think things are getting done that aren’t actually happening. You can’t assume that your team is doing things the way you want them to. In order to set them up for success, you need to create solutions to the problems and train them on how to handle what comes up. 

3. Put Together a Checklist of Skills Your Team Needs

Each person that works in your functional medicine practice needs to have specific skills and training. Sit down with each staff member and ask them if there is anything they feel like they need more training on. Also, you need to know what they’ve already been trained to do. Even if the person has been in your practice for a while, there are new responsibilities they may have taken on that require more training. 

Once you have the list, you need to provide that training and additional education to your assistants, front office staff, and medical staff. When everyone in the office is confident in their roles and knows how to do the job correctly, your practice can grow. 

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