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Social Media and SEO: Making the Connection

Social Media and SEO: Making the Connection

Owning and operating a functional medicine practice takes time and effort, especially when it comes to your website. Growing your practice requires a lot of work on the backend to increase your online presence and reach more patients. The relationship between social media and SEO is an effective off-page method that can attract more patients and build your authority. 

Growing Your Practice With Social Media and SEO

You may wonder about the connection between social media and SEO, since they are two separate things. SEO focuses on optimizing website content to drive more traffic to your website, while social media involves sharing content and images on platforms. The truth is that these two things have a greater connection than most people realize. 

Integrating social media practices is an excellent way to increase off-page SEO for your functional medicine practice. It gives you several ways to link back to your website content, boosts your website’s online visibility. The more you consistently interact across social media platforms, the more chances you have of boosting your online rankings.  

Off-Page Benefits For Your Practice

Using social media as part of your off-page optimization strategy provides several benefits for your functional medicine practice. 

Increases Your Authority

It can feel overwhelming when you’re just learning optimization techniques for your website to learn social media strategies as well. However, it can increase your online authority and label you as a credible source. Consistently posting, sharing, and other interactions on social media platforms will help you rank higher in the search engines. 

Opportunity For Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization isn’t just about website content. It’s helpful to use a variety of methods for keyword sharing. Social media provides another way to do that. Google will always look for your posts, images, and links on your platforms. Including keywords in backlinks can boost your online followers and help Google recognize you as an authority. 

Boost Your Business Profile

If you haven’t created a Google Business Profile, make this your first step for off-page optimization. A Google Business Profile will increase your social media influence and help you reach more people with your content. When you faithfully share your blog posts, links to your resources, and images that relate to your profile, Google will make the connection from your posts to your profile and increase your rankings.  

Practicing Social Media Strategies

There are several ways to establish the connection between your social platforms and your website. When you share a post, always link back to your website because it will increase your rankings. A social share button in your blog posts is a simple way for readers to share your content on their own social pages.. 

You can also include your bio and practice information on your platform pages. Choose 1 or 2 keywords to use within your bio to increase optimization even more. Remember, small and intentional steps will help you increase your rankings and establish authority for yourself and your medical practice. 

Get Started With SEO Strategies Today

Are you ready to learn more about how these strategies can help you reach more patients for your practice? Connect with our Functional Medicine SEO team today to get started. We will schedule a free strategy session to determine how our strategies can benefit your unique practice.

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