Link Building and Backlinks

Growing your website can be difficult, especially if you are unaware of the best tips and tricks people inside the industry use. Our team here at Functional Medicine SEO works with you every step of the way to utilize these tips and tricks. One of these tricks is backlinking, something we are about to discuss in further detail. 

Importance of Backlinking

link building and backlinking

Backlinking is one of the most important yet overlooked parts of building a website that pops up towards the top of search engine results. This is because a website that successfully utilizes backlinking can generate huge amounts of organic traffic. Backlinking is when other websites link directly to content on your website. This can be achieved in several different ways, ways we will go further into detail about later in the article. 

By utilizing backlinking, Google can see that your website is a source of authority in your industry, meaning you are trustworthy. If Google knows internet users trust you to provide them with content, Google can trust you. The more Google trusts you the higher and higher your website appears in searches. 

Ways to Backlink

There are many different ways to backlink but it should be noted, Google has begun to crack down on some of these methods. For example, networking used to be a popular method. In this method, websites would form networks where they would take turns backlinking each other’s content. That is no longer acceptable according to Google. Here are some successful backlinking methods:

  • Submit Your Website to Directories
  • Guest Post
  • Blog on Your Own Site
  • Speak at Events
  • Provide Helpful Information

The best way to increase backlinking to your website is by creating useful, helpful, and informative content. By doing this, people will click on your content because they know you can provide them with the information you need. Other websites will also use your information as a source in their content. 

We Can Help

If you’re looking to boost the amount of organic traffic your website gets, our team here at Functional Medicine SEO is here to help. We provide a wide range of services all designed to draw more attention to your website. Contact us today to find out how we can help you and your website.