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How Do You Index A Page on Your Website?

How Do You Index A Page on Your Website?

Have you ever been searching for a keyword and expected to see a page on your site show up, but it doesn’t? It could mean that the page isn’t ranking for those terms yet, or worse, it hasn’t been indexed. Here at Functional Medicine SEO, there are several things we do to make sure the content we write shows up in search results. Here is a deeper look at page indexing and how we work to get the pages of your site to show up in search results. 

What Does It Mean To Index A Page? 

For those unfamiliar with the term “index”, it simply means the page can show up in search results. When Google does this, they index the webpage based on what they found and store it for relevant google searches. This helps your website to appear in more searches based on the keywords and content found on the webpage. When your page is properly indexed, your SEO improves as your search results are more accurate. 

Indexed Vs. Non-Indexed Pages

An indexed page is a page that has been “crawled” or searched by Google for relevant content. When your webpage is deemed to have enough quality content, your indexed page will show up in more relevant searches. Ultimately, this will increase the visits and views to your website. 


A non-indexed page is perhaps a new page recently added to your website, and Google hasn’t come by and checked it out yet. Or, there could be other reasons a page isn’t indexed, such as: 

  • It has a no-index tag on it. This is added on purpose to keep Google from crawling it. 
  • The page is 404 – meaning the URL is showing as a broken link. 
  • There are improper redirects on the page. 

Sometimes we don’t want the search crawlers to index a page because it will create duplicate content on a site. But most of the time, if a page is not indexed, we work to fix it. 

How To Index A Page On Your Website

If you want Google to index your page, you should make sure that your content is quality and accurate. You should add more links to informative sites that support your content to gain more authority. Making your website pages easy to find help. As well as simply requesting Google to index your page via Google Webmaster Tools. If your page has valuable and accurate content, odds are, your page will be indexed by Googlebot.

Why You Want Most Pages On Your Site Indexed  

The main benefit and purpose of having a page indexed are to make it possible to be found. With a vast amount of endless resources on the internet, making yours easily found is one way to increase traffic. When your page is indexed, it is scanned for content so it can be stored with other similar content. This makes your website easier to be found when a certain keyword or phrase is searched. Not only will it populate more, but it has been deemed quality content that will be more useful.

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