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How Will I Know If The SEO Is Working?

Is the SEO Working

SEO can be a real waiting game. Once you start optimizing the pages on your site, adding new content, or backlinking to your site, it can take Google 6-8 months to recognize the changes. We do what we can to put each page we work on in front of Google so they will realize the updates faster, but either way…it takes time to see results from an SEO strategy. 

One of the things our practitioners ask us is how they will know if the SEO is working. Here are the factors you can look at to see if your campaign is effective.  

You Start Seeing More Spam Form Submissions

No one wants their inbox cluttered with spam submissions, but this can be one of the first signs that your site ranks higher. While there is no way for us to keep real humans from spamming you, there is a way to stop spam bots from emailing you. We do this by adding a re-captcha to your forms.

A Few Blogs On Your Site Significantly Increase In Traffic

When you start optimizing your website, the entire site benefits. If our client has a blog and a few of their posts begin getting a lot more traffic, their site visit count increases. Even though we don’t make changes to those pages in particular, sometimes this means that irrelevant blogs are your top pages, which indicates that your site is starting to get noticed.

Your Site Begins Getting More Impressions

Impressions don’t mean clicks to your site; it just means that people have potentially seen your pages in search results. We can see the number of impressions a page on your site gets in the Google Search Console. This information will show up on the data studio dashboard we put together. Any keywords or pages that are getting impressions will show up on that report. 

Patients Tell You They Found You Through Google Search

As much tracking as we put in place on your site and the analytics we have access to from Google My Business, it will not give you every person that found you through a Google search. Since we invest in listings for our clients, someone may have Googled you and found one of your other listings. Asking every person that calls your office how they found you and tracking that internally will help you see the upward trends of your online presence growing. 

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