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How to Rank on Google For Your Telemedicine Services

Many of our functional medicine practitioners and holistic doctors are offering telemedicine services in light of COVID-19. This is a great move for them as seeing patients in the office has become more difficult. If you are now offering telemedicine services, there are a few things you can do to generate traffic to your site. 

1. Write Telemedicine Pages and Target Local Cities

One of our top strategies to rank for keywords involves writing targeted pages. We pick a search term that the practitioner would like to rank for and combine it with local cities to their office. 

For example, if you offer telemedicine in Houston, TX, you would create a page called “Telemedicine in Houston, TX”, or “Telemedicine Near Me in Houston, TX”. The search term you choose should have search volume. We use Ubbersuggest to show us the value of a keyword and other relevant combinations. Once we pick the best option for a practice, we write a page about it. 

2. Blog About The Service

We realize that many of our functional medicine doctors can work remotely with patients that don’t live in their area. For practices that would like to target a broader service area, blog writing is a must. When you write value-based blogs with a clear call to action, you have a better chance of converting a read to a potential patient. 

For this strategy to work, you will need to make sure you have make it overly obvious how a reader can get in touch with you. Many offices provide a free discovery session to their blog readers. It is a good way to get to know their needs and lay out how you can help them on their health journey. 

3. Add a Landing Page Link to Google My Business

Google My Business has an option for you to link up to your telemedicine page. If you are offering this service, you will want a dedicated page that talks about the services and outlines your process. 

If you have a booking system that allows the patient to schedule a telemedicine session with you, then you could add this link to your GMB page in the appointment section. This would allow you to promote your telemedicine services in two locations on the listing. 

4. Get Backlinks to Your Telemedicine Pages

Any page that you would like to increase organic traffic to needs backlinks. A backlink is basically a link to your site from another website. You can get these backlinks when you write guest post content for other blogs, have a podcast interview, or any partnership you establish with another business.

Also, you will want to link to this page from other pages on your own website. This is called internal linking and should be part of your link building strategy. 

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