How to Promote Your Functional Health Services to Your Existing Patients

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You’ve already spent a lot of time on your functional medicine marketing efforts to get patients in the door. One of the issues we see our practitioners deal with is that they aren’t converting their patients to their functional medicine services. Maybe their patients have come in through other things they offer such as their aesthetic services or chiropractic care. However, our practitioners want to help their patients deal with underlying health concerns. 

So, how do you get your existing patients to grow the functional medicine side of your practice? Here are a few things we’ve suggested to our practitioners: 

1. Give All Of Your Patients a Health Assessment Test

If you aren’t already having your patients go through a health assessment test and providing them with a score, this should be a part of their intake. Many practitioners offer this test as an additional charge when a patient is interested in their integrative medicine services. However, if you make this a part of a new patient appointment, it will give you the ability to address their overall health concerns. 

For your old patients, you can offer them the test for free on their next visit. Even though there is an initial output for you to get the results of the test, it is a good way to get them into ongoing care. 

2. Place Educational Information Around Your Office

Take advantage of the waiting room, front desk, patient rooms, and consultation area by putting out educational information about your functional medicine treatment options. If you have special equipment that you use, put out booklets or table talkers with information. Or you can put out information about your approach to health. 

Make sure you have a call to action on the signs or booklets that tell them to ask you more about it in their appointment. The more information you give your patients, the more likely they will ask you about it.

3. Send Out Regular Newsletters and Post on Social Media 

One of the ways we help our practitioners is by writing value-driven blog posts for their website. We work directly with the doctor to create content that is in line with their philosophy of medicine. Also, we make sure there are links to have the reader contact the office with more questions. Once the blogs are live, they use them in their newsletters and on their social media pages. 

This is a great way to create a conversation between you and your patients or clients. Also, you can share any specials you are running for your services or offer a free consultation. 

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