How It Works

Help more people get the healthcare they need.

With our Functional Medicine SEO services designed for doctors, we help you help more people lead healthy, vibrant lives. We make it easy for you to reach those that need you most with SEO and web design. Here’s how.


Our Team Will Get Your Website SEO Ready

Our team of developers will take your functional medicine website and make the necessary updates for it to get picked up on search engines. We specialize in SEO for Doctors so we’ll make sure your website is optimized to rank higher. Need a new design website for your functional or holistic medicine clinic that looks great? We can help you there too.

To get your website SEO ready, we will:

  • Search for broken links and fix them
  • Get rid of content that is duplicate
  • Make a sitemap of your pages
  • Speed up your site
  • Write content for pages that need it


Take Over The SEO On Your Site

Our team will take over all aspects of SEO on your website. We’ll create a customized plan for your functional medicine practice. With our 15 years of experience doing SEO for doctors offices, we know exactly what to do to increase your website traffic.

Our Team’s SEO Strategy Is:

  • Keyword research
  • Target keywords in your content
  • Optimize your content with SEO best practices
  • Local directory submissions & link building
  • Google Maps listing optimization
  • Complete tracking including custom dashboard


Write SEO Optimized Content for Your Website

In order to capture more leads from your local market, we write services pages that are specific to the cities in your area and specific to the holistic, alternative or functional medicine services your clinic offers. This SEO strategy helps you come up for local searches when someone is looking for a functional medicine practice near them.

Your city pages will target:

  • Keywords for your business
  • The functional medicine services you provide
  • Information about the local areas you serve

As an alternative option for your content marketing, or as an upgraded add-on to your local pages, we can also blog for you from start to finish: topic selection, content creation, keyword optimization and publishing.


We’ll Track Your Calls and Forms

We’ll track your phone calls and form submissions so you know how many inquiries you’re getting from organic search. You’ll always have an idea of what’s going on and how we are working to bring you more patients.


Rank Higher

SEO is not a set and forget it strategy. When we put ongoing effort into your website, you will rank higher on Google, Bing and Yahoo. You’ll also get access to a keyword dashboard that we create specifically for you that shows you the progress of your marketing investment. 


Book More Patients

Our team specializes in functional medicine SEO for doctors in the industry. With our customized strategies, you will be able to reach more potential patients that need your care. Contact us today to learn more.