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How Do You Target Keywords On My Website?

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One of the most confusing things about SEO is understanding how keywords are targeted on your website. There was a time when you could kind of “hide” keyword tags within the coding of a site, but now, we have to write those keywords into the pages of content on your site. If there aren’t any pages geared explicitly towards those keywords, we have to write pages that can be optimized. 

Here at Functional Medicine SEO, we have a few ways we make sure the main keywords and LSI keywords show up on your website. 

1. Add The Keyword To The Meta Title

The meta title is the title that displays on a search engine to show you what the page is about. We ensure that the primary keyword is part of the SEO meta title. This doesn’t necessarily change the page title, although in some cases, it can. 

2. Write a Custom Meta Description

A meta description is a short paragraph that shows up in search results to tell you what information you will find on a page. We write this description to be within the character count that will show complete sentences on the search results page. We write the primary keyword as part of the paragraph within this meta description. 

3. Use The Keyword in a Headline

Headlines are the bolder, more significant phrases within your content. These are coded with a specific header coding that Google search crawlers can read. We make sure to add your main keyword into at least one of the headers. Depending on the page length, we may add it two times. 

4. Add The Keyword and LSI Keywords Into The Page Content

We use a program called Surfer SEO to tell us which LSI (related) keywords should be added to a specific page on your site to get it to rank for the main keyword. For example, if the main keyword is functional medicine doctor, Surfer SEO will tell us related terms that other high-ranking pages have in their content. 

Once we have a list of missing terms, we ensure that those terms are in line with our client’s practice. Then, we go through the existing content and use those words where they make sense. Sometimes we have to write a sentence or two in order to get those keywords into the content. We never remove existing content, but we will add phrases as needed. 

5. Alt Image Tags And Image Descriptions

An alt image tag and image descriptions will help it show up in image searches. There is a way for us to attach alt image tags and descriptions without them showing up on the images themselves. However, adding this to the images allows your page to show up in image searches and helps us add the core keywords to the page in a legitimate way. 

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Here at Functional Medicine SEO, we offer on-page optimizations for your website. Our experts know how to determine which keywords are the best for your practice and how to add them to your pages to help you rank. Contact us today if you’re ready to get started with SEO or have questions you’d like us to answer.

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