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Is Contact Information A Google Ranking Factor?

is Contact Information a Google Ranking Factor

Google ranking factors, we all know they have the most significant influence on how your website ranks on a result page. What are the top ranking factors? That is a high dollar question considering there are over 200 ranking factors they use. Is your contact information one of those factors? Most experts will tell you yes, while others will say probably not. Our conclusion, Yes your contact information could affect your ranking, but it is always best to have your correct contact information on your site. 

What are Google Ranking Factors?

Ranking factors are criteria applied by Google and often other search engines when evaluating website pages to decide the best order of relevant search results to return for a search. Google has confirmed over 200 factors that define which pages will be better positioned when users search. 

Understanding these ranking factors is necessary for an effective SEO. If you are dealing with a website, the content, the SEO, or even marketing, you should be familiar with the ranking factors. While it is important to know them for your rankings, it is also important because they help create a better user experience which brings in more leads and conversions for your business.

Contact Information As A Ranking

Giving your customers and potential customers a way to reach you by phone or email just makes good sense and is good business. Having your contact information enables everyone to get in touch with you to ask questions they have, raise any concerns they may have, place an order, and so much more. Typically your contact information can be on your GMB( Google My Business) listing or your website. But some businesses do not want their contact information posted for a good reason. The question is, does having your contact information posted affect your rankings. We are going to look into why it could and why it may not.

Contact Information Matters

When you have your contact information, specifically your business name, address, phone number, and email, it can appear in various places online, including your website. This is also known as a citation. Citations are a local search ranking factor that has been around for years.

It has also been stated that having your area code on your page may seem minor, but it can increase your click-to-call rate and conversions when people are searching for a local business. Your phone number and address are also important for establishing that your profile is trusted and accurate; this can also get you ranked higher. 

If you have a business that handles money, such as a store, bank, and credit card company, users will want a way to ask questions and get help when needed. Having contact information on these websites is essential to users and can help with your user experience and your web page’s trustworthiness.

Contact Information May Not Matter

John Mueller, Google Webmaster Central hangout, was asked in 2016 if the missing contact information on a news magazine can cause worse rankings in organic search with Google News or Google news snippet. He answered that he did not know about Google news, so he could not comment on that, but he did not believe that contact information would focus on a normal web search. He added he appreciates a website that displays contact information because it does enable Google to get in touch with them if needed.


Our verdict is that your contact information could affect your Google rankings. More importantly, though, it gives your users a better experience, and for that reason alone, it is always a great idea to have it added to your website and your GMB listing.

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