Google My Business (Maps) Optimization

There are many different tips and tricks available to you as a functional medicine practice website owner to help boost your website ranking. By boosting this ranking, you increase the chances that a search engine user turns into a new patient. One of the easiest ways to do this is by filling out your Google My Business (GMB) profile. Our team here at Functional Medicine SEO is here to help businesses achieve this. 

GMB Can Boost Clicks to Your Functional Medicine Practice

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Filling out your GMB can help shoot your practice’s website higher up in the search engine results. You can achieve this by filling out your information, designation hours, and adding images. Google will pick up this activity and place your website higher up on the listings. Another major benefit of doing this is that it increases the chances search engine users will click on your page. 

Google also provides you with the ability to add a link to your website, so potential clients can click on your page directly from the Google listing. If you don’t have a website already, you can actually create a basic free website through GMB. The free website is a very simple landing page with little customization, but it is a good option for those that don’t currently have a website. 

Receive Calls Directly From the Listing

The vast majority of search engine users nowadays are using their telephones to find things that they need. This is actually better for functional medicine practitioners because it means people are searching for services right when they need them. This increases the chances that these search engine users are ready to give your practice a call directly from Google itself. 

This is actually a feature that GMB offers, as you can now list your practice’s phone number directly in the listing. For mobile users, they can simply click on this link and it will automatically call your practice for them. This makes it easier for clients to reach you, making it more likely for you to convert search engine users into patients. 

Contact Us Today For GMB SEO

If you’re looking to boost the amount of traffic your functional medicine practice website gets, therefore boosting the number of patients your practice gets, our team at Functional Medicine SEO is here to help. We can help fill out your practice’s GMB profile, boosting your website’s search engine ranking, making it easier for potential patients to find you. We will also make it easier for potential patients to contact you when they come across your listing.