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What is The Google Helpful Content Update?

What is The Google Helpful Content Update?

Google released one of the largest search algorithm updates that they’ve launched in almost a decade. It started rolling out in August of 2022 and wrapped up by the end of September. The Google helpful content update can have a big impact on how your site ranks. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is The Google Helpful Content Update? 

This algorithm update will look at a website to see if it has content that is written for people rather than search engines. Websites that have a lot of unhelpful content that doesn’t answer real questions or satisfy the reader will see a dip in traffic. 

Ultimately, this update aims to stop showing low-quality content in the search results…or unhelpful content. Websites that have a large number of irrelevant pages with content that’s driven by SEO are going to see the biggest hits. 

What Should You Do In Response To The Update?

Here at Functional Medicine SEO, we always recommend that you write information that brings real value to your patients. This goes for every page on your site (service pages, home page, blogs, etc.)

We encourage you to take some time to read over your content and ask yourself if a new patient would get the information from your site that they need to make a good decision. Are you explaining your philosophy of medicine, writing about your treatment options, the approach you take, how to schedule, etc.? The more information you can give a reader, the better. 

What You Shouldn’t Do 

When you are updating content on your site to be more relevant and helpful, it’s best to preserve the content that’s already on your site. If the information you have shared is out of date or no longer represents your office, then that content should be re-written. However, to preserve the SEO on the page, it’s best to avoid rewriting information that is there. 

We recommend that you write new sections that provide the reader with the information they are looking for. A great way to do this is to add an FAQ section to each page. Any question that you often answer regarding a symptom or treatment can be added to the bottom of the page. Aim to write 3-4 sentences to answer every question you add to the content. 

How Our Clients’ Sites Are Performing Since The Google Helpful Content Update

After the update finished rolling out, we’ve been looking at all of the offices we take care of. Every single office we work for hasn’t seen a drop in traffic. Actually most have seen a big increase in the number of keywords they are showing up for. See the graphs below. 

Dr. Williams








Revitalize Medical









Dr. Eric







Hale Wellness








Floryn Health








These are just a few of our offices and how we’ve seen their websites do since the Google Helpful Content Update. As an SEO agency, we’re always paying attention to trends, what’s working, and what needs to change. 

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