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How Running Google Ads Can Help SEO

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Here at Functional Medicine SEO, we are often asked which is better, SEO or Google ads…and the answer is both. Both of these sources are necessary for you to increase your potential patients. 

When we have a practitioner that chooses to invest in SEO and Google ads, they generate leads faster than if they choose one over the other. Both of these types of marketing are important to increase phone calls and form submissions. 

Here is a look at how Google ads can help your SEO efforts and why we recommend both. 

1. More Keyword Data

When we run Google ads, we can see what keywords and phrases are effective with the target audience we set. The target audience is based on who your ideal patient is. This includes information such as their age, location, yearly income, and more. 

The keywords and phrases that we target in our ad campaigns can be used in SEO to create more content and information on the site. 

2. Reveals Page Conversion Issues

Running ads to your website or landing pages will help you understand if those pages are converting or not. With SEO, we may not know exactly why someone landed on your website, but with Google ads, the targeting is more definitive. If the ads are driving a lot of traffic to the site without conversions, then it means updates should be made to those pages for clarity or ease of use. 

3. Decreases The Bounce Rate

When ads are run correctly to the right audiences, it will usually increase the amount of time that someone spends on the website. This means that the site’s bounce rate will drop. A bounce rate is determined by how long a user stays on the website before they click away. A low bounce rate sends a signal to Google that the pages are relevant to the user, making them higher in authority. 

4. Learn Which Keywords Have a High Quality Score

In the Google ads account, we can see which keywords have a high quality score. Usually, the quality score is determined by the click-through rate along with the ad copy and the way the landing page converts. When we see keywords with a high quality score, we can find related search terms to target on the site. 

5. Test Market The Brand Message

Also, this data can give us a good indication of what interests the target audience in relation to the messaging on the page. If the message resonates with the user, they will take action. Ads allow us to test market brand messages and find what works best for conversions. 

Contact us Today For Google Ads and SEO

These are a few ways that Google ads can benefit your SEO strategy. We highly recommend that our practitioners invest in both at the same time for maximum lead generation. While the SEO on the site builds, the ads are able to bring you immediate leads. Usually, this means that you will see a faster return on your investment. 

Get in touch with us today through our contact form or fill out this form for a free strategy session. We’d be happy to take a look at your website and give you a few tips as well as share ways we can increase your organic and paid traffic. 

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