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How Do I Get Reviews For My Google My Business Listing?

How Do I Get Reviews For My Google My Business Listing?

One question we receive a lot from practitioners is, “How do I get reviews?”. The simple answer is, send them a link to your Google My Business listing, but the real question offices are asking is how can they ask for a review. While the team here at Functional Medicine SEO doesn’t offer review services, we do have some things we recommend to help you get more reviews

Make It Someone’s Job To Send Review Links

If you are not comfortable sending a review link to every patient that comes into your office, you need to make it someone’s job to hand pick the patients you want to send your review link to. It’s important that you give this as a task to one of your staff members or it won’t get done. When your staff are busy, asking for reviews isn’t going to be a top of their mind. That’s why putting someone in charge of sending out the link via text or email is essential. 

For offices that are ok with sending out your review link to all patients, you can set up a review service that will text or email your link out automatically. It’s still going to be important that someone in your office is in charge of making sure that the review service is working and find any holes in the process. 

Create a System For Asking For Reviews

Putting a system in place of how you are going to ask for reviews will keep you from How are you going to send the review link? Do you have a text system or a way to email the link? You need a method to make it simple for your patients to share their experience and for your staff to get that into their hands. 

Work with your front desk or assistants to come up with the best way to ask for reviews. Be willing to change the system to accommodate patient feedback or staff concerns. Eventually, you’ll get into a rhythm where you are regularly asking patients to share their experience. 

Ask For Reviews When Patients Say Positive Things

While it’s a good idea to have one person in charge of making sure the review requests go out, it should be everyone’s job to ask for reviews when a patient says something positive. If you have a system in place, the staff person that hears the positive feedback can easily point the patient to where they can leave the review. 

When someone says something positive, you can tell your staff to say, “Would you mind sharing that same thing in a review? If so, can I send you the link now to do that?”

Other Types of Reviews That Will Help Your Office

Google reviews are important, but they are not the only type of review that can help your office. If you have a patient that isn’t very tech savvy or doesn’t want to leave a review online, you can ask them to share their story in other ways. Here are a few ideas that you can try to implement in your office: 

  • Video review – if you have someone that’s willing to let you take a video of them sharing their story, you can post this review on your website or social media pages. Video reviews are highly effective. 
  • Written review in the office – you can create a display wall where patients can leave a handwritten note. Make it fun and prominent so people can see the feedback when they come in. 
  • Share with a friend – ask your patients to share their experience with their friends. Referrals from friends and family usually have a pretty high close rate. 

These are a few ideas you can try to get your patients to share their experience without leaving a review online. 

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