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Functional Medicine Management Training Tips

Functional Medicine Management Training Tips

We know how important it is that your practice makes a good impression. Running a successful Functional Medicine practice takes effort and intentionality. Keep reading for more functional medicine management tips.

First Impressions Are Everything

 Your front office staff is the first point of contact your patient will make. When they call initially to set up the appointment they are greeted by a friendly and caring employee? This initial interaction will set the tone for the patient’s experience. When the patient walks through the doors the receptionist should greet them warmly and present information in an organized, thoughtful manner. The waiting room should feel inviting and calming. Furniture comfort, placement, and color is important when creating an atmosphere that attracts your patients. It shows you care about their comfort and their time is important to you. Giving them a space that is nice and inviting for them to wait on you. 


As a manager, it is your job to make sure each department in your office is working efficiently. Training your employees to count on one another builds a team atmosphere where they feel deeply invested. Communicating effectively all tasks, goals, and expectations. Keep communication open between you and other employees. Some managers even commit to spending one on one time with employees daily to develop new strategies and reinforce positive actions. 


 Many managers allow their egos to get the best of them. This loses your rapport and respect from your employees. Treating your employees like you value, respect, and care for them will take you to the next level of management. Treating your employees well will encourage loyalty and dependability. Being a team player and doing the work that needs to be done even if it’s not your job or means helping another department. It’s important to constantly grow and self-evaluate ways in which you can improve.

Customer Service

Putting customer service at the top of your priority list will help your employees prioritize this as well. Customer service includes good listening skills. Make yourself accessible to employees and patients. Talk with patients often so they feel comfortable interacting with you and coming to you with any concerns. Be a good listener- Listen with intensity. Encourage good listening skills with staff. Value each patient and help them resolve their problems. Train employees to be timely with patient requests and managing schedules. Always developing new strategies to make the best customer service even better. This intentionality will set your office apart from the rest. 


Educate yourself about all treatments, supplements, and services provided. Familiarize yourself with the property. Cleanliness and the curb appeal of the building help patients feel more confident about getting their medical care at your office. How many times have you been to a dentist or doctors and noticed an ill-kept office? Maybe the machinery or utensils look worn. The looks of an office can make a difference in the amount of trust a patient puts in your practice. Focus on details as small things matter. Details can make a big difference in separating you from other organizations. Research the surrounding area. Research your competition to see ways in which you can improve. 

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Being proactive to train employees to put customer service first and help one another will ensure the right things are prioritized in your office. If you would like more information about the services that we offer, fill out our strategy session form. Let our team here at Functional Medicine Marketing SEO help you today. 

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