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6 Features Your Functional Medicine Website Should Have

0 Features Your Functional Medicine Website Should Have

When it comes to creating a successful practice, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you are creating or maintaining your practice’s website. The ten elements discussed below will help ensure that your online business presence is professional and user-friendly, as well as successful. 

1. Purpose

The first thing you want visitors to your site to be aware of is what you do on your site and what they can do (or what you want them to do.) For example, state your name (or practice name), what you offer, and what you can do (i.e, place an order, request a quote, etc.)

2. Web Address With Your Practice Name

The simpler, the better. You want your potential customers or clients to be able to locate you easily. Create a simple and clean web address that includes your practice’s name so that there is no lost time with trying to find your site or locate your practice. 

3. Navigation Of Your Site

Navigation of your site and menu is vital since customers who visit sites are usually looking for something specific and something that can provide them with answers or suggestions quickly. This is why it is important to include the most important pages in your website’s navigation bar and dropdown menu. This makes it easy for the visitor to your site to find what they’re looking for. 

4. Contact Info

Your site’s contact information should be easy to locate, as well, since no one will be able to contact you if they don’t know how or the best method for contact. A variety of methods that visitors can use to contact you is beneficial, as well (i.e., email, chat, phone, etc.)

5. Creating A Call To Action

A call to action tells your site’s visitors what to do, as well as what they might expect to receive once they do it. Strategically placing your call to action is equally important since it can be a good way to increase conversions. Remember to keep it simple but accessible, don’t go too over the top by bombarding your site’s visitors with flashy or excessive calls to action.

6. Mobile Responsive Design

Mobile traffic reportedly accounts for approximately half of all web traffic so ensuring that your website is responsive and reliable on any and all devices is crucial. If your site doesn’t load quickly enough or doesn’t provide your visitors with a  friendly and informative experience, most likely they are not going to be visiting it again – on any device. 

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