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Embracing Change: Exploring the Features of GA4

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If you have a functional medicine practice, you are familiar with SEO strategies that will boost your visibility and online rankings. As the digital market is ever-changing, it’s essential to make adjustments in your practice, so you can easily track conversions, update data, and more. The team at Functional Medicine SEO has everything you need to know about how the features of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) can benefit your practice.  

What Is GA4?

Before we explore the features and benefits of GA4, let’s talk about what it does. Google Analytics is a platform operated by Google that allows website owners to keep track of insights. This helps business owners, medical practices, and anyone with a website better serve their customers or clients. Since technology is constantly updating, Universal Google Analytics is changing operations to a more comprehensive approach. 

Data Streams In One Space

GA4 will include several new features that will help website owners measure site traffic and engagement. The changes will also combine website and application features. This news is beneficial if you have an app for your medical practice. 

More Flexibility

The most significant change of GA4 is a new user interface (UI). This change is specifically in reporting tools that will allow more flexibility for enhanced analysis. You can create new audiences and track data in real-time, allowing you to craft value content and services for specific audiences. 

Navigating GA4 Features

Although it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when learning a new business tool, the best way to understand is to keep practicing. 

Place a Tag Manager On Your Website

The first thing you want to do is to place a configuration on your functional medicine website. You can use a Google Tag Manager to make this easier. A tag manager will help you manage tags, scripts, and more. This tag can help you manage your website without creating editing code, which can take a lot of time. 

Once you install the tag, you can view your website content in realtime. The previous Universal Google Analytics also allowed you to do this, however, GA4 features all data as an “event.” The current version collects data per session, but the new version records data in real time. 

Implement Event Tags

If you currently use Universal Analytics in your practice, copy some of your tracking events and place them into GA4. You can reference event names and parameters Google recommends for functional medicine practices. If you can’t find one that Google recommends, you can create a new event that includes the best parameters for your practice. You can register them so they are available in the user interface to customize for your viewers. 

Create Conversions

The next thing you want to practice is creating conversions based on your goals. You can also create a new event and track that as a conversion. This is helpful if you want to follow certain pages on your website. Setting up conversions to track your medical practice goals will help you serve your readers. 

Contact Functional Medicine SEO Today

The team at Functional Medicine SEO uses SEO strategies to help functional medicine practices grow their websites. We have experience with GA4 conversions and can help you navigate the new changes. Contact us for a strategy session today. 

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