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How to Effectively Answer The Phone in Your Functional Medicine Office

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Do you need help training your front desk staff? The voice of your receptionists is the first impression that people get of your practice. That is why it is so important to train them properly. Check out the tips Functional Medicine SEO has below. 

Be Courteous and Respectful To Patients

The people that are hired to answer the phones need to be trained on how to properly do it. When you have to speak with the public, it can be hard when you are not well trained. Then you add in the fact that you may be talking with someone who isn’t feeling well. Always treat patients and potential patients on the phone with respect. 

Listen to what they are telling you and show them that you care about what they are going through. That does not mean you need to be on the phone for a long time talking about their situation. Try to stay on track and make them an appointment. But, being short and disrespectful is going to drive people away.

Have Patience While Speaking To People

When people are not feeling well, they can be hard to deal with at times. They may not want to wait as long as they have to for an appointment. There are times they won’t like the answer that you are giving them either. 

With proper training, our staff can learn how to deal with all these situations. That way they’re equipped with the knowledge that’s needed to respond to the patients. Even if it’s not what they are wanting to hear, they will respond better when it’s presented with patience.

Set A Time That All Phone Calls Need To Be Answered

One of the things that can hurt your business more than anything is missing phone calls. There needs to be set times that the phones get answered every time that it rings. When it is within business hours, staff members need to try their hardest to not allow the voicemail to pick up. 

All the employees in your functional medicine practice need to know how to answer the phones. That way when someone is busy or absent, the phones are still answered. The time of day that most patients are calling is going to be on a lunch break. If your phones aren’t answered during that time patients may give up. You risk that patient trying another professional if they can’t get through to yours. 

Use A Forwarding Company

There are going to be times that the phones are not going to be able to be answered. That is when a second party can come into the picture to help with the overflow. This is a company that is able to book appointments and generally speak with patients. Times such as lunch breaks, evenings, early mornings, and more can be times that this service gets used. 

It helps to get to more people and show your dedication to them. The fewer amount of calls that go to an automatic recording the better for your business. Potential patients and existing ones want to feel important and heard. By answering more phone calls and talking to a real person can make that happen. 

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