Priority Health Academy

The educational arm of Priority Health, LLC a Functional Medicine organization that promotes small micro-office stand alone DPC (Free to practice medicine as a solo practitioner without the influence of INS, GOV, etc.) with a licensing agreement to curate a sustainable, profitable practice in a provider’s local community. We believe in providing an avenue for practitioners to achieve a health work-life balance.

Advancing the knowledge of the practitioner for clinical acumen via the Academy, sub-internships, Symposiums, Master classes and more. Helping on the business end with policy & procedure manuals, HR manuals, platforms, help with marketing and building up patient base, etc. We are seeking well qualified entrepreneurial/enterprising candidates licensed to practice medicine in the USA.

PHA puts on annual virtual FxMed Symposiums the latest is here: If you wish access please email me and I will provide info on how to donate to the non-profit PHA and how to obtain the access code.