Chiropractic Sports and Acunpuncture

This office provides the practice of Functional integrative medicine (FM). FIM is the intelligent option and the future of the health care system in the US. FIM is the alternative approach from symptom suppressing medications along with experiencing their adverse side effects to using high quality supplementation and phytotherapy to resolve the root cause of chronic metabolic disease (that plagues this country). Studies indicate that deficits in specific micronutrients will be the cause of chronic illness from: diabetes, cognitive disorders- Alzheimers Disease, early dementias- thyroid issues, weight loss problems, depression, anxiety, ADHD, ADD, autism spectrum disorder, autoimmune disease, insomnia, cardiovascular conditions, anorexia, overall weakness, libido issues, infertility, hormonal imbalances, Tourette’s, joint pain, lethargy, negative thinking, balance issues, and cancers- to name a few. If you want to raise the bar on your overall health status or want an alternative approach to the big pharma health care system, call this office to begin the process. Thank you- James R. Cordoba, DC