The Components of a Converting Home Page For Your Functional Medicine Practice

You can see that your functional medicine website is getting traffic, but you’re not getting any new patient calls. Why is that? It’s likely because your homepage is missing the key components to help your traffic convert into leads. Here at Functional Medicine SEO, we always work with practitioners to give them ideas of what changes they should make to improve conversion rates. 

Here are a few things we recommend:

1. Put a Call Button on Mobile

WordPress allows you to install a plugin that will display a sticky phone icon on the mobile version of your website. We put this type of button on one of our practitioner’s websites and she immediately had an increase of phone calls. Putting a call button on your site makes it very easy for someone to click to call you from their phone. 

2. Create a Call to Action Button in The Menu

In the menu of your website, you should create a button that has a call to action and takes the potential patient to a page where they will give you their information. Make sure the phrase you use on the button is concise and clear like: 

  • Contact Us
  • Free Consultation
  • Free Health Quiz

If you have a clear call to action that leads them to a page that is simple and easy to fill out, you will have a better chance of getting contact information. 

3. Simplify The Navigation

The menu of your site should be clear and simple to navigate. It’s best to put only 4-5 tabs in your main menu. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t have a page for all of your service and link up to them in the navigation, but they should be displayed under a “services” or “conditions we treat” menu tab.

4. Add a Chat Feature

You can add an outsourced chat feature to your website that will have a live person on the other side. Their job is simply to get the patient’s information and hand it off to you so you can get in touch with them right away. They are not providing medical advice or making appointments, they are simply providing the user with a live chat option. 

Follow Up With Your Leads Right Away

You can invest a lot of money into SEO, have the best converting home page, but if you don’t have systems in place to follow up with the leads, you are wasting your time. If someone fills out your contact form and your front office doesn’t get in touch with them, you’ve lost that lead. When a potential patient calls your office and you don’t answer the phone, they likely won’t leave a message. If you don’t have an answering service in place, then you should make it customary to call back all missed calls in case they are potential new patients. 

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