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Lynn started working with us in April of 2023. Over the previous year, she had seen a big drop in new patient calls…so much so that she had to start letting go of some of the other therapists in her office. The first thing we did was a full evaluation of the site and what had been done by the previous SEO agencies, and we put together a game plan on what we needed to do.

We found that a previous company had put over 30 of her website pages in draft. Those pages had been bringing her many new patients. Within a week of working with us, we published those pages so that Google could start showing them again. Given the nature of how long Google can take to start showing pages in search results, we were amazed that these pages began bringing her traffic within a few days. Since we published those pages, they started increasing the clicks they receive each month.

Another thing that changed in the clinic was the location. Unfortunately, moving locations and updating the Google Business listing caused the practice to take a hit. We got started on updating the listing to target the cities that had been doing well for her before the move. Since she took the clinic 100% telemedicine, this made sense to do. Also, we updated her website to include the cities where she had received so many calls.

Every month, her website and Google Business listing get more and more traffic. We know that as we continue our SEO process, her website traffic will come back stronger than ever before.

Ryan and his team are amazing! Not only do they communicate well and follow up, but they also have a deep knowledge of SEO and SEO strategy. They have helped my business tremendously. I’m deeply grateful to have come across an SEO company that knows what they’re doing and cares about their clients. I highly recommend them!

Lynn Carroll

Owner, The Therapy Space

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