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Revitalize Medical Solutions started working with us in January of 2022. When they met with us, their biggest goal was to generate more appointments for their providers. Nicki, the doctor who started the clinic, had more patients than she could manage. Her goal was to push more patients to schedule with the other providers.

Our first recommendation was to remove Nicki’s profile from the home page so that it was easier to get people to schedule with the other providers. Also, we recommended that each provider have their own page so that they were searchable.

They started seeing results from our SEO campaign within a few months. As a result, they decided to rebuild their website because it was a Wix site and didn’t have enough pages for us to continue our SEO process.

Within one week of launching their new site, they called us and said, “I don’t know what you all did, but we are getting so many leads!” Of course, there were many things at play with the rebuild. For one thing, they decided to invest in a hormone quiz and set up an email campaign that pushed people to their free webinar. People love to take quizzes, so that was a great lead capture for them.

Another reason the site was doing so well is that its speeds were much better once they moved to WordPress. Better site speeds usually mean people will stay on your site longer. It’s a ranking factor for SEO (not the only factor, but one of them), and it really helped the site perform better.

Probably one of the biggest reasons their new site did so well is that they had invested in SEO for a year and a half by the time it launched. All of the efforts we put in were paying off. So…simply put, we were sending more traffic to a website that was easy to navigate and had a very popular call to action (the quiz).

Huge improvement in SEO since we started with Functional Medicine SEO. I highly recommend!

Cale Bybee

Revitalize Medical Solutions

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