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Dr. Fete started working with us in October of 2021. He was looking for an SEO company that understood functional medicine and the types of services he offered. Right before he began working with us, he had someone do a website audit to show him what needed to be done to increase site conversion. We reviewed the recommendations and told him we thought they were all great edits and were happy to move forward with those updates. However, he decided to just start with SEO and didn’t make the recommended website updates.

Even though he didn’t optimize his site for conversions, he has seen a big increase in leads over the years. This just goes to show that you don’t have to have a website that meets all of the best practice guidelines for conversions. While updating your site to be easier to navigate with clearer calls to action is helpful, it won’t keep people from calling you.

We believe that the content you write on your site is one of the most important things that get someone to decide to call your office or fill out your form. When you clearly explain your services, who you treat, and tell people how to contact you, they will take action.

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