Dr. Sarah Williams

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Dr. Williams started working with us in October of 2020. She had been in practice for over two decades but wanted to draw more patients through her website. When she started working with us, she wasn’t even sure that her site could bring patients. 

The first thing we did was set her up on call tracking, form tracking, and install a premium popup we use called Sleeknotes. This way, she could see what leads were coming from Google search versus referrals or social media. 

Within a week of having the Sleeknotes popup on her site, she had 2 people reach out for her discovery calls. It was shocking to her because she rarely, if ever, had someone fill out her discovery call form. And the forms kept rolling in…so much that it exposed her that she didn’t have a solid strategy to handle potential new patient leads. Williams’ staff didn’t take long putting an email automation in place to help with the number of people filling out her popup. 

In a case like Dr. Williams, she already had some traffic coming to the site, but they weren’t taking action. We immediately tapped into what she already had with a small popup. Sometimes, little tweaks to what your buttons say, how you phrase something, etc., will make big differences. 

Not only did we make a few small changes on her site that produced leads, but we also started targeting the treatments and services she wanted more patients to call her for. After about 6 months, they became so excited about the growth they saw that they started sending us a breakdown of which pages on the site were bringing them the most leads. This way, we could optimize the content and get those pages higher in search results. 

At the end of 2022, Dr. Williams decided it was time to rebuild her website with a fresh new design. Also, she had been on Wix, and we were running into page limits. After we launched her new site in the summer of 2023, her leads continued to grow…so much so that she had to stop handling the free discovery calls with potential patients. Now, other members of her medical team take the lead on those calls to free her up to handle treatment only. 

Functional Medicine SEO is a game changer for my practice, creating more traffic on my website and making it so much easier to successfully connect with new patients.

Sarah Williams

Dr. Sarah Williams

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Dr. Sarah Williams