How Do I Respond To Negative Reviews As a Doctor’s Office?

It’s bound to happen at some point, you are likely going to deal with a negative review You may have a patient that really calls you out...
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What Should I Blog About On My Practice’s Website?

One of the best ways to educate your existing patients and potential patients is to post blogs on your website The biggest issue for many...
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How Your Patients Judge You And Why it Matters

How often have you watched a health guru lead a discussion or exercise class and found yourself wondering why they look so unhealthy You...
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4 Tips On Hiring New Office Staff

The hiring process can be incredibly stressful for both the employer and the potential employee However, it doesn’t always have to be...
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How To Encourage Teamwork At Your Office

Teamwork is essential in any medical practice if you want to succeed Without teamwork, your practice can appear to be disorganized and...
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Why is it Important to Find Something in Common With Your Patients?

Whether you have a new patient coming into the office or a patient you see regularly, the focus is often on why they are there that day You...
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Functional Medicine Management Training Tips

We know how important it is that your practice makes a good impression Running a successful Functional Medicine practice takes effort and...
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Patient Care: The Key to a Successful Functional Medicine Practice

The top and most successful functional medicine practices all have a few common factors that are important to succeed A balance between...
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How Long to Plan For Training a New Functional Medicine Team Member

Functional Medicine offices can get busy, and you may find that your staff is a bit overwhelmed and needs some more help You are looking...
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