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Guide to Backlinking For Your Functional Medicine Practice


Link building is part of our SEO strategy to help our functional medicine practitioners increase their organic traffic. A link to your website is as simple as another site add your URL to a page on their site. They may day this by referencing you as a source, adding your website to your bio, or sharing an article you wrote. 

Aim to Get 1 New Link a Month

Every month, we aim to get at least 1 new link for our practitioners. We do this by guest posting, directories, and website mentions. As a practitioner, you can make this your goal by using similar strategies that we use. 

Here are a few link building strategies that you can use for your functional medicine website: 

1. Submit Your Website to Directories

Look for associations and directories that are in your niche’. For example, IFM has a practitioner directory that you can submit to. 

Here are a few others you can try: 

Some of these directories are local and meant for functional medicine practices in that area. Just do a Google search to find a list of directories near you that you can sign-up with. 

2. Guest Post

You can submit a guest post for other blogs and leave a link to your site in your bio. Also, a lot of guest post sites will let you link back to a relevant blog post on your website. 

3. Blog on Your Own Site

This is one good reason that you should be blogging on your website. You can attract organic backlinks to the site if you write valuable information. Make sure your blogs are not overly salesy, but provide high-value in your content. Not only does it help with potential backlinks, but it can get a lot of organic traffic on its own. 

4. Speak at Events or Support a Cause

Anytime you are invited to speak at events or support a cause, ask them to give you a backlink to your website. Offer to write a short description of your practice and link to your site in the description. This will make it easy for the website editor to add your information to an event page or sponsor page. 

What Pages on Your Site Should You Link To? 

Now that you have ideas of how to get links back to your site, you will need to decide what pages you want to link to. You will want to link to your home page more often than the other posts on your site. However, you will want to link to posts and main services pages as well. 

You can easily link to your home page on directories and author bios. It will make sense to link to blog articles when you are writing a guest post for another site. 

Links Should Sound Natural

It’s important to make the links sound natural in the content you write. Look for ways to embed links that don’t sound forced or salesy. Instead, drop in links where it will provide value to the reader in context of what else you’re saying. Often, it’s easiest to go back in and add after you’ve written the content. 

Contact us Today For SEO Services

Here at Functional Medicine SEO, we work with alternative health practices and functional medicine doctors to increase their organic search rankings. Link building is only one of our strategies. We do this as part of a full process we follow every month. 

Contact us today so that we can call you and share more about what we do. Or, sign-up here and we’ll send you a free SEO site audit to give you an idea of areas your website is weak. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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