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What Are Areas Served Pages And How Do They Help SEO?

What Are Areas Served Pages And How Do They Help SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a powerful tool for marketing your business. Service area pages can help your website show up on search engines. Your website’s service area page focuses on the areas you serve and the services you provide. Functional Medicine SEO provides SEO services in Dallas and can write and promote your areas served pages.. 

Areas Served Pages: What Are They?

Areas served pages target the people who live in your neighborhood or a general geographic location close to your office, whether or not you are a practice that solely accepts patients from your local area. In addition, these pages serve as landing pages for prospective patients looking for specific therapies, treatments, doctors, or facilities nearby.

Service area pages are essential to help your office be located in cities and towns other than your primary location. 

When we write city pages for our clients, we will ask what key terms or treatments they want to be found and visited for. We will also ask which nearby cities potential patients are willing to travel from to visit your office. Based on this knowledge, we develop a content strategy that includes areas served pages to help facilities achieve their primary objectives.

The Benefits Of Areas Served Pages For SEO

We can target long tail keywords on your areas served pages and help your SEO. For example, the longtail keyword might be “functional medicine doctor in Dallas, Tx.” People are looking for a doctor or service in their area and searching specific terms to find a provider. So naturally, a keyword like the one mentioned above has the potential to generate quality leads for your office. The proper exposure is essential in getting your page to appear in search results.

Other Ways Areas Served Pages Help SEO

Aside from providing Google with a page on your website for an exact-match phrase, areas served pages benefit your site’s overall keyword cloud. A keyword cloud checker can show you which words on your website are used most. If most essential words don’t show up on the cloud checker, more content regarding those words should be added. Keyword clouds are analyzed by search engines when they discover your website to determine its topic. Therefore, make sure your website’s keyword cloud appropriately reflects what you offer.

Don’t automatically assume that you should use the same keywords across multiple geographical locations to get the best traction from service area pages. For each city you intend to target, conduct research and create a special set of keywords.

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