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6 Marketing Strategy Tips That Support Personalized Care

6 Marketing Strategy Tips That Support Personalized Care

It In order to achieve success in today’s health market, it is more and more essential for healthcare organizations to embrace personalized healthcare marketing. This includes offering patients immediate online appointments, as well as marketing to their exact situation or needs by means of your website, patient portal, or direct email. Let’s discuss further some healthcare marketing strategies that can keep your existing patients returning and new patients discovering. 

1. Telemedicine Or Doctor On Demand

With remote online delivery of healthcare services including health assessments or consultations, telemedicine has become an invaluable tool for both patients and doctors. Telemedicine allows providers to assess a patient’s symptoms, diagnose their condition, and send prescriptions directly to the patient’s pharmacy. 

Moreover, telemedicine is highly convenient (and safe) for the patient (and doctor) since the patient can access healthcare services from the comfort and security of their own home. Following the COVID pandemic, many individuals were (and still are) hesitant to leave their homes for very long, if at all. With telemedicine, patients can feel more at ease with their appointment and worry less about taking time away from work, having transportation to and from their appointment, or even coming into contact with another illness or COVID. 

2. Patient Portals And Personalized Marketing 

Patient portals allow patients access to test results, prescriptions, and notes from their provider. The portal allows you to market to your patients by providing them with additional information about their diagnoses, health conditions, tests and results, and prescriptions. Additionally, the portal also allows you to provide additional information and services based on your patient’s medical history, tests, results, and prescriptions.

Patient portals enable patients to experience a hassle-free and positive experience which can, in turn, promote loyalty and build a relationship of trust between doctor and patient. The portal allows for easier discovery by ad of doctors or therapists that may specialize in the treatment of what ailment the patient is suffering with. 

3. Website Content That Is Dynamic And Personalized

Patient satisfaction has seen significant increases due to website content personalization. Customized information that is based on criteria that include the visitors’ recent search terms or geographical location can help provide beneficial and relevant recommendations. 

Using this information, visitors to your healthcare website will be met with blogs detailing relevant healthcare topics including health screenings and seminars, patient stories, as well as appointment calendars, and services provided. Your website will better drive patient engagement and encourage them to take a more active role in their health management if your website is more customized and personalized to the patient and their unique needs. 

4. Online Counseling And Support For Mental Health

Mental health therapy such as counseling and support can be provided to patients virtually using the internet. It is a growing specialty area of telemedicine thanks to mediums such as mobile apps, video conferences, emails, and text messages. 

Due to the very sensitive and personal nature of mental health, many individuals would probably be more comfortable discussing such issues online versus face-to-face. Offering mental health counseling on demand is an easy way to grow your mental health practice quickly. With the offer of immediate sessions by way of your online platform, patients are more likely to sit, click, and stay. 

5. Personalized Email Marketing

The opportunities offered up by personalized email marketing are nearly endless. An individual checks their email at least once or twice a day which means that your personalized emails should perform quite well in helping you market your business and services. Additionally, email content will be made more relevant and valuable to recipients with shared characteristics when you segment your email lists into groups that effectively target and address the needs or concerns of those individual groups. 

If a patient is a new mother, you might email them information regarding relevant services for new mothers that your company offers including breastfeeding tips, dealing with fatigue, or information and services that can help with postpartum depression. 

6. Personalized Marketing On Multiple Platforms

Today, individuals utilize a wide range of devices and websites when searching for online healthcare information and solutions. Laptops, desktops, tablets, and cell phones are all tools that today’s healthcare consumers utilize. Consumer engagement and experience enhancement can be achieved through touch points such as call centers, websites, and mobile apps. 

Imagine how much more impact your personalized marketing efforts will have when a patient sees the same personalized marketing on your website appearing in their patient portal, on a social media news feed, and in emails found in their inbox. The more visible your services are, the more likely they are to be explored and used. 

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