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5 SEO Friendly Blog Post Tips For Functional Medicine Doctors

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Blogging for your practice is an excellent way to increase SEO, and ultimately drive desired traffic to your site.  Between managing the practice, treating patients, and keeping on top of new research in medicine can leave you wondering where you could find the time to be active on a blog? What should you write? The team at Functional Medicine SEO not only writes blogs but knows the techniques and steps to improve website traffic. 

Here are some of our tips for effective SEO for blogs that will help you generate more traffic:

Add in Relevant Keywords

Knowing your keywords is one of the best ways to generate traffic to the blogs that you post. Content marketing is very effective for conversions, but without the right keywords, your content will not be found. So, how do you find relevant keywords? 

You can: 

Use a Keyword Tool

Using a keyword tool allows you to identify what words may be relevant. You can type in a keyword you are thinking about in a program like Ubersuggest and receive many suggestions about it. You can also use this website to look up what another practice may be ranking for as far as keywords are concerned.

Install Google Analytics

This tool gives you the ability to see what exactly is bringing people to your website. When you are receiving traffic from a search, this tool will show you the terms used. Often times, you can find questions as the search someone used. These can become useful for writing your blogs. Use these as titles for blogs and answer those questions.

Use Social Media

If you are a smaller practice, you may be using social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter to create connections with potential and current patients. You can use these platforms to promote your blog content, thus improving your web exposure. There are automated, free, programs like Hootsuite that make it easy to post links to the latest blog posts on all the social media you use- with just a couple of clicks.

Add Keywords Throughout Your Post

Now that you have relevant keywords, it is important to put them in places that will have the most impact on both humans and search engine crawlers that are indexing your content. When you have your keywords ready for a blog, put them in places like:

  • Introductory Sentence
  • Title
  • Headings/subheadings
  • First/last paragraph
  • tags/meta descriptions

You have to be careful though. Putting too many keywords together, also known as keyword stuffing, can be penalized by Google. Using so many keywords can also become more difficult to read, and irritate blog followers. Disperse them throughout your post.

Use Headings To Guide The Reader

Headings are critical in SEO copywriting. Bots that crawl a page find these headings and reads them more quickly. The headings you use in your blogs need to be descriptive, and as stated earlier, should contain some keywords. Users can find the information they are looking for easier, and your SEO is improved.

Headings should be formatted as Header 2, 3, or 4. Header 1 is the title of the post and Header 2 like incremental chapters that divide the post up. Have about 4-5 “chapters” for your blog post.

Don’t Forget a Clear Call to Action 

Your posts need to end with some form of a call to action. In this post, you will tell the reader what you want them to do next. Do you want them to contact/call you? Fill out a form? Sign-up for something? Post all of that relevant information that allows the user to accomplish those tasks.

Let us Manage The SEO on Your Blog Posts!

If you are a medical professional that does not have the time to increase SEO on your website, then let FunctionalMedicine SEO do it for you. Our copywriters are great at writing professional, personalized blog posts every month. 

Contact us today and we’ll sit down with you for a free strategy session. There is no obligation to buy. We just want to give you the valuable information you need to show up in search results.

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