3 Ways To Boost Your On-Page SEO

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Functional Medicine SEO wants to help your website optimize, grow your traffic, and attract more patients. If you are like many businesses, you may not precisely know what SEO is and why it is essential to your business. Our team makes your medical marketing easy by putting our proven strategies into place. 

What is On-Page SEO? 

If you are new to SEO or even on-page SEO, this is the practice of optimizing individual webpages on your site to rank higher and earn more traffic in search engines. On-page can refer to both the content and HTML source code of pages that can be optimized. Off-page SEO on a website refers to links and other signals. 

Some examples of on-page SEO action items include:

  • optimizing title tags and meta description
  • writing in-depth and quality content
  • cleaning up your site’s code
  • streamlining site’s navigation
  • speeding up your site

Now that you have a slight idea of what on-page SEO is and a few examples, we will talk about how SEO can be boosted and get you better results.

Boosting Your SEO

If you are looking to boost your SEO, the team at Functional Medicine can help you. We suggest several tips to help your website rise in ranks on search engines such as Google.

Publish Relevant Content

One of the number one drivers of your search engine rankings is your content. Quality content that is created specifically for your website is essential and can increase site traffic, and this, in turn, can improve your site’s authority and relevance. 

Part of quality content writing includes identifying and using specific keywords phrases on each page on your website. If you want to rank with multiple keyword phrases, it is essential to remember to make a separate webpage for each term you are targeting. Once you have chosen a keyword, the placement in your content is also important; You want your content to flow and be natural and user-friendly, not just plugging keywords into every other sentence. 

Ensure your content includes headings, bold titles, and other emphases to tag and highlight keywords. Another good point to remember is never sacrificing good writing just for your SEO. The best pages are written with your reader and visitor in mind, not search engines. 

Update Your Content

Content is a huge selling point for your SEO, so you may notice that a few tips will always be focused on this. Search engines love content; updating your content regularly will help validate your site’s relevancy and keep it up in rankings. Update your content on a set schedule and make changes as needed to your keywords. Keep it fresh, and the visitors will keep coming.

Internal Linking

Linking pages within your website is very important to your SEO. You can think of it as building a web. The first step a user will do once they find a page is to follow the links they see on the page. This can include internal and external links. So when a user arrives on your page, they will read your page and leave if you have no links to other places. Links allow them to keep reading and point them in the direction of other important content on your page. Some tips for linking can include:

  • don’t use keyword-only links
  • add useful internal links
  • add links in the main body of your webpage.

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