4 Tips On Hiring New Office Staff

Tips On Hiring New Office Staff

The hiring process can be incredibly stressful for both the employer and the potential employee. However, it doesn’t always have to be this way. If your functional medicine practice is hiring new employees for your front desk, implementing some of the tips listed in this article can help you find the perfect person for your business! 

1. Create the Right Job Description

The job description you create on platforms such as LinkedIn and Indeed is essentially a sales pitch to potential employees. Therefore, you must create the perfect job description that will drive the right candidates to your job. First and foremost, be honest. Give an accurate and detailed description of what the job entails and the benefits of working with your practice. 

In order to make your job description as appealing as possible, try to steer away from the traditional bullet list of job duties and prerequisites. Research shows that these descriptions can alienate candidates and prevent them from applying. Building a job description that showcases the benefits of working for your practice and what the employee can gain from your practice can help drive potential employees to your business. 

2. Get Creative With the Interview Process

We all know that the interview process is often the same song and dance over and over. The job candidate goes over their resume in meticulous detail while the interviewer asks where the candidate sees themselves in five years. In order to find the best hire for your team, you might want to consider shaking things up a bit. 

For example, take the interview out of the conference room to see how the candidate interacts with your current employees. Do they seem like someone who would fit in with the culture you have built at your practice? Some of the biggest companies in the world use this tactic to see how the interviewee responds. 

3. Look For Candidates With the Right Personality

It’s important to have the right qualifications. But the person with the best resume may not be the right person for the job. Sure, there are certain qualifications an interviewee needs, such as secondary education and experience, but getting to know the candidate personally will tell you much more than their resume.

Your goal as an employer needs to be finding the candidate that best fits in with the culture you have built at your practice. Someone who is willing to dive in and join your company headfirst is often a better fit than someone with the right qualifications but a lack of enthusiasm for the job. 

4. Don’t Settle For the First Candidate

When you need new employees, it’s easy to rush the process. You want to fill these roles as quickly as possible. However, settling for the first candidate can often lead to poor fits. Not only will this cause you to skip out on candidates who are better fits, but it can cause you to restart the process all over again. 

By hiring the wrong candidate, the likelihood of that candidate leaving or getting fired shortly after being hired increases expeditiously. Take the hiring process seriously if you want to avoid falling into a continuous cycle and high employee turnover rates. Being patient and finding the right employee is more important than hiring the first person who applied. 

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