How to Help Patients Remotely During The Coronavirus Outbreak

help patients remotely

Much of the U.S. is under a stay-at-home order or shelter-in-place order. While functional medicine practices are considered essential businesses, not everything you offer is considered emergent care. This is a good time to offer remote services for your patients, as they need your assistance at this time. 

The team at Functional Medicine SEO has been working with our practitioners to come up with ways they can help them remotely during the coronavirus outbreak. Also, we’ve helped them keep their patients up to date about their continually changing status. Here are a few ways you can continue providing help to your patients. 

1. Write a Coronavirus Protocol For Your Patients to Follow

Write a blog post or email and send it to your patients with a coronavirus protocol they can follow if they become infected. You can also share with them a protocol to follow to help prevent them from contracting the disease. When you send out the email to your patients, offer them a consultation time via Zoom. 

2. Offer Curbside Supplement Pickup

Many functional medicine practitioners sell supplements in their office or have an online shop. This is a good time to promote supplements that will help your patients. You can offer a curbside pickup for products you have at your practice. To do this, have your patients submit their orders over the phone or via email and schedule them a time to come by to pick up. Have them text you when they get to your office and instruct them to pop their trunk for you to place their supplements in the back. 

3. Use Zoom For Telemedicine Services

Zoom offers a way for you to meet with your patients remotely and it is HIPAA compliant. Allow your patients to book non-emergency appointments with you via Zoom. You’ll be able to give them a baseline evaluation and prescribe out of office treatment options. 

This is also a good way to determine whether or not a patient needs to come in for emergency care. Many practices are trying to triage over the phone, which can be difficult. A video chat will help you have an easier time evaluating the situation and determining the next steps to take. 

4. Offer Webinars 

Now is a great time to offer free webinars to your patients and other people that aren’t local. Taking a remote approach to aspects of your practice will allow you to expand your patient base beyond your local market. Make sure that you have a clear offer for your attendees at the end of the webinar. 

It’s always good to offer free information to people, but you should guide them in the next steps you want them to take. For example, if you want them to schedule a telemedicine call, then give them a link to make an appointment. If you have supplements you think they should take, send them a list and your shop or affiliate links to the products. 

Let Our Team Help You!

The team here at Functional Medicine SEO can help your new remote services be found through online search as well as your existing patient base. We write blog content or services pages as part of our SEO services. Our writing team can put together information on your remote services so you can email your patient base. 

Also, as part of our SEO services, we can update your Google My Business page with your new services. This information will be easily visible to new and existing patients that find you listing. 

Sign up for a free strategy session and one of our experts will review your website. We can’t wait to work with you!