How to Add Your COVID-19 Update and Telehealth Link to Google My Business

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Google My Business just made an update for all doctors and healthcare facilities. You can now provide a direct link to your COVID-19 update or virtual care options. Here at Functional Medicine SEO, our team has already updated the GMB pages for our practitioners, and we recommend that you do the same. 

Do You Have a Page For Your COVID-19 Update and Telehealth Services? 

In order to update the links on your listing, you will need to create pages or blog posts on your website with the information. We’ve written and uploaded pages for our natural health practitioners to keep their patients informed. As they have new information to share with their patients, we update the content so that it is always relevant to the current situation. 

You will want to create separate pages for your COVID-19 update as your virtual health services. There is a place for each of these links in the listing. 

How to Update Your Google My Business Listing

Login into the Google My Business account that is associated with your business listing. Look on the left-hand sidebar of the dashboard for “info”. 

covid 19 link update sidebar

Select “info” and scroll down until you see the section that says “ COVID-19 info link” and “Virtual care link”.

where to update your GMB links

Click the pencil and paste your URL into the area and click apply. 

covid 19 link update


Once you have made all of your updates, it should tell you that the edit is under review. If it does not, you may need to scroll to the bottom of the page and click the yellow confirm button. 

All edits that are made to the listing must be approved before going live. Due to the number of revisions on listings at this time, it is expected to take longer than usual. 

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